Southwest Angel

Over the years many of my friends and loved ones have given me angels. ¬†Maybe they think I need all I can get ūüôā ¬†Who knows? ¬†But I’ve kept them all. ¬†I mean, who would even think of getting rid of an angel, right? ¬†I believe we all have a legion of angels, God’s emissaries, who surround us 24/7. ¬†Sometimes I even remember to thank mine for always keeping me safe. ¬†I really should do that more often. ¬†There have been many times in my life that I KNOW FOR SURE I was assisted by the angelic realm. ¬†Sometimes in the disguise of human beings. ¬†One time in the body of a sweet, grandfatherly man but that’s a story for another time. ¬†(I promise I’ll tell you later).

Since I plan to have this blog printed and bound into a book at the end of 2012, I thought it would be appropriate to include my angels. ¬†Some are resting (packed away in storage) and some are sprinkled around my house and outside. ¬†Today’s photo is my Southwest Angel, who suspends herself right outside my kitchen window. ¬†Her wings flow with the breeze and she reminds me to be grateful every day. ¬†She’s made of straw and burlap. ¬†I added the red chili peppers. ¬†I think she likes them. ¬†Namaste’

Do you believe in angels? ¬†Were you ever helped by an angel? ¬†I’d love to hear about your experience with angels.


A Salute to Day 100

Wow! Little did I know when I committed to a photo a day for all of this year how fast the time would go.¬† Or how interesting it would become to find things to photograph and then write about them.¬† It’s now Day 100 and I’m still at it … only 266 days to go!¬† Color me more happy, more grateful, more persistent, more creative, and more aware than I was 100 days ago.¬† Life can be such an adventure, even in the tiniest of ways.

Today’s photo is a salute (of my favorite Merlot variety) to all of my fellow 366’ers and blog readers.¬† Bravo to all of you photo bloggers who have hung in there and grown through this process; sharing your hearts and souls with all of us through your photographs.¬†¬† And here’s to all of my other blog readers who have cheered me on and inspired me with your comments.¬† I am humbled and grateful.¬† Cheers and Namaste.

I am in the reflection on the glass - Hello There!

And … as for my reflection on the glass, it brings to mind one of my favorite songs by Fleetwood Mac.


Wow! This has been quite a year for interesting combinations of numbers.¬† I woke up like any other morning today but as the day progressed I had a few extra opportunities to feel gratitude.¬† A phone call, an email, an encounter at the store with a woman that was very uplifting.¬† She explained to me how grateful she is to be living here … right here; right now. It was rather amazing because I’ve talked to her before but today it was different. (She’s a clerk at the supermarket where I shop most often).¬† It was like we connected at a deeper level today.¬† Not just the superficial “hello, how are you?”¬† I left feeling lighter and more involved with life.

I have the feeling we’re all going to be experiencing more and more of this feeling of unity as time goes on and we get more into 2012.¬† Are you open to more giving, receiving and forgiving?

If Today Was a Flower, It Would be Roses

Off to the dentist tomorrow … ugh! Namaste.