Staying Balanced

I just got back from the most wonderful trip to see my grandson graduate from high school. We are all so proud of the fine young man that he is. And even though he’s now out of school, has a job, and is over six feet tall, he’s still my “Blakester.” And he still calls me Grammy. ūüôā

On another note, I learned that a very dear friend of mine has breast cancer and I am heartbroken.  We met when I lost my brother and I joined a grief support group sponsored by the hospice he was in. She and four others in the group had lost their spouses, so the six of us shared a common bond of grief and loss. That was almost five years ago and we have stayed fast friends ever since. We all helped each other learn new coping skills through our willingness to open up about our pain.

This news hit me rather hard. I don’t want to lose my dear friend and confidante. We can talk about anything and she is the kind of person that tells it like it is, yet she tempers it with love and respect.

It’s hard sometimes to stay balanced between the highs and lows of this duality we call life. I will try my best to focus on the positive of this experience and show my friend that she is not alone in this part of her journey. She’s a scrapper so I’m visualizing her being healthy again and beating the hell out of the big “C.”

Today’s image is one that I did for the #pixlr contest called Fan Art. The pink Cadillac image is part of a mural that I found in a little diner in Creswell, OR. And of course, who doesn’t know Marilyn Monroe?


Marilyn fanart

Through the Screen

Today’s photo is of my lucky bamboo, sitting on my kitchen window sill. ¬†It’s growing like crazy so I thought I’d just shoot a picture of it … no staging. ¬†I liked the silhouette of the leaves.

I met with the Gang of Six this afternoon – the guys and ladies from our grief support group. ¬†We get together once a month now on our own and I feel so blessed to know them all. ¬†We all trust each other so much that we can say anything and no one judges. ¬†Wouldn’t it be nice if all relationships were like this? ¬†I’m like this plant … lucky. ¬†Namaste’

Are You Lucky?

May the Best Luck of Your Past be the Worst Luck of Your Future ~ Walter Renwick Hughes

Walter “Ren” Renwick Hughes was my father-in-law. ¬†Technically my ex-father-in-law. ¬†I loved that man like he was my own father. ¬†For those of you as old as I am (past 60), if you can picture Clark Gable, you will have an idea of what Ren looked like … pencil-thin mustache, jet black hair and a smile that would wiped away the blues for everybody around him. ¬† Unfortunately he was killed in a car accident when my son, his first grandchild, was only two weeks old. ¬†But I’m sure Ren “sees” Stephen and all of his other grandchildren all the time. ¬†I don’t know that I can give Ren the entire credit for the quote above but it was a toast that he gave at every family gathering. ¬†I can still see him holding up his champagne glass.

I took today’s photo of my lucky bamboo plant because I’m feeling particularly grateful, very¬†lucky and most humble for wonderful people (family and friends) in my life. ¬†Being part of the blogger community has opened me to so many new friends and their perspectives on life. ¬†You guys are simply the best. ¬†Yeah, I’ve thrown a couple of song plugs in here because I’m a parrot head (Jimmy Buffett fan) and a huge fan of Tina Turner. ¬†A parrot head because I love the messages in Jimmy Buffett’s songs, not to mention his sometimes Caribbean, sometimes Cajun sounds. ¬†When Jimmy plays and sings, you just can’t help but want to dance and sing along with him. ¬†And Tina … well, her story is the epitome of rising from the ashes; the ashes of a destructive relationship with Ike, her former husband. ¬†She’s proof that you can’t keep a good woman down. ¬†Her music career spans 50 years.

And then there’s The Gang of Six; the wonderful people I met through a grief support group after my brother passed. ¬†I saw them today and it’s always like no time has passed even though we only get together once a month. ¬†Our discussion of forgiveness and dumping unwanted baggage was very profound; perfect timing for all of us. ¬†Is there really any other timing but perfect?

I could go on and on, but I think I just did ūüôā I appreciate you ALL. ¬†Namaste’

American Hero

I find it difficult to see a parade honoring football players for winning the Super Bowl, when there are casualties of war taking place on a daily basis.  Where are the parades for the real heroes?  Something to think about.

Today’s pictures are of a true American hero.¬† Her name is Sam Williams Huff, killed in action in Iraq in April,2005.¬† I didn’t know Sam personally but have come to be friends with her father, Bob, who was in the grief support group I attended after losing my brother in 2010.¬† Bob is a retired (after 25 years) police officer and now devotes his time to composing and playing beautiful music.

This image is a collage I created for him in memory of his beautiful daughter and his wife, Maggie, whom he lost not long after Sam:

Huff Family collage

Today as I was leaving a parking lot, I turned to the right to look for oncoming traffic and saw this sign, which is what¬† inspired me to share this particular post today.¬† Sam must be looking down on all of us, sending us love and light.¬† I believe our loved ones, our angels, do that – all we have to do is think of them and they’re instantly in our hearts.

In Honor of Sam

God bless us all … in this dimension and others. Namaste.


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