Special Effect

I truly believe that we all have a special effect on each other.  One thought, one prayer, one blessing, one wish … that’s all it takes to raise (or lower) the vibration of you and the person you’re sending your thoughts to.

The reason I say this today is that it’s Saturday and I spent a few hours with my parents.  Before I walk in their door, I always have to send out light and love to light my way and theirs.  If I don’t, the negativity takes over and it’s unhealthy for all of us.  Maybe it’s our guardian angels.  Maybe it’s our spirit guides.  But a force larger than us takes over and it becomes a pleasant visit.  I love them.  I wish they were healthier, more vibrant, more in love with life.  I can’t change what’s going on for them.  I can only influence how I behave in any given situation.  But I don’t do it alone.

BTW, my WS started a blog.  Yeah!  Go on over and check it out: Darryl’s Blog. And if you’re so inclined, LIKE his Facebook page.  Thanks! Let me know what you think of the header image.  That was my contribution 🙂

Today’s photo is a stencil special effect that I applied to a simple still life.  Namaste’


Southwest Angel

Over the years many of my friends and loved ones have given me angels.  Maybe they think I need all I can get 🙂  Who knows?  But I’ve kept them all.  I mean, who would even think of getting rid of an angel, right?  I believe we all have a legion of angels, God’s emissaries, who surround us 24/7.  Sometimes I even remember to thank mine for always keeping me safe.  I really should do that more often.  There have been many times in my life that I KNOW FOR SURE I was assisted by the angelic realm.  Sometimes in the disguise of human beings.  One time in the body of a sweet, grandfatherly man but that’s a story for another time.  (I promise I’ll tell you later).

Since I plan to have this blog printed and bound into a book at the end of 2012, I thought it would be appropriate to include my angels.  Some are resting (packed away in storage) and some are sprinkled around my house and outside.  Today’s photo is my Southwest Angel, who suspends herself right outside my kitchen window.  Her wings flow with the breeze and she reminds me to be grateful every day.  She’s made of straw and burlap.  I added the red chili peppers.  I think she likes them.  Namaste’

Do you believe in angels?  Were you ever helped by an angel?  I’d love to hear about your experience with angels.

Behind the Wheel

Normally I don’t just sit around in my car taking pictures of myself, but today there was something appealing about just being in that moment.  Just being me alone in the car with my camera.  I sat there thinking how good the sun felt coming in through the window, how long I had been driving (40+ years), and just how grateful I am to have good transportation that gets me from Point A to Point B.

I like driving; I always have.  The day I turned 16, my mother took me to get my license and the rest is history.  Back in the day, to pass the driving test, you had to know how to parallel park.  Uh-oh, that was the one thing I wasn’t very good at.  It took me nine (yes, nine) tries and the examiner passed me.  Was he supposed to give me nine tries?  I really doubt it.  I only know that I was one ecstatic 16-year old that day.  Got to drive my Mom back to work and I had the car the rest of the day until I picked her up.  I felt like such a big shot.

As I’ve learned over the years, a vehicle can be such a blessing or it can be a dangerous, deadly weapon.  With people texting and cell-phone chattering from behind the wheel these days, it has become increasingly dangerous to be out on the road.  Please be careful out there.  Don’t text and drive.  Your guardian angels work hard enough! Pay attention to what you’re doing … driving.  And really, really look out for the “other guy.”  It’s more important now than ever. Remember, driving is not a right … it’s a privilege.