Day Three of Seven

Day Three’s image is a Harris Hawk, spied one morning as I was watching the sunrise with our beloved dogs, Daisy and Foxy.

I zoomed out as far as I could so that I didn’t scare it off with movement. Fortunately for me, I had my camera handy. You’re not surprised, are you? Haha!

Was he looking at me while I was looking at him? Maybe. Eyes like a hawk …

Day Three


Looking for Breakfast

This morning when I let the dogs out, I noticed a Harris Hawk in the neighbor’s tree.  I stood and watched for a while and decided to grab my camera before it took off.  It was probably a juvenile, considering its size.  I watched for a while longer as it scanned the landscape with it’s “eyes like a hawk” before it left.  What a cool bird.  Namaste’


The Pine Cone

WS found this pine cone in our back yard not too long ago.  I just now decided to photograph it.

One would think that there aren’t pine trees in southern AZ but there are … at a higher elevation than where we live.  So how did this pine cone end up in our yard?  (We don’t have any pine trees on our property at all).  Was it carried by an owl, a hawk or some other large bird?  Could be … still a mystery to me.  Namaste’

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