Painted Ponies

While visiting my Mom yesterday, she took me to meet a wonderful little lady who lives there in the adult care home.  There are only about nine residents in the home, so it’s a rather intimate little group.

Each person there is probably wishing they weren’t trapped in bodies that are failing them now.  It’s so sad to see them all sitting around the living room, mostly asleep in the recliners.  Some are in their rooms, but no one seems very happy.  The food is decent (nothing to write home about) and healthy, the grounds outside are lovely, and the staff is very helpful and pleasant.

But back to the lovely lady that Mom introduced me to.  She has a shelf in her room with these painted ponies and she adores them.  She was thrilled when I asked her if I could photograph them.  All I had with me was my phone but it was enough to make her feel good.  Sometimes it’s the smallest of things we can provide for someone else to make them smile.

Live every day to the fullest … Namaste’



Missing Maude

A while back (almost a year ago) I did a photo shoot of horses for a lady who owns some stables.  She wanted me to photograph the horses and then apply some, as she put it, “artsy” effects.  I was then to have the final approved images printed and make a set of greeting cards for each of her clients.  I shot approximately 150 images to come up with the final results.  There were 23 horses and did I ever have a time keeping them all straight, since I had never seen them before and didn’t know their names.  I was happy that everyone was very pleased with the end result.  What a learning experience!  I learned that next time I will charge a lot more money for this kind of effort 🙂

During the back and forth with her to finalize the images she wanted, one day she said, “Where’s Maude?”  I said, “Who?”  Turns out Maude was a chestnut with a white blaze.  Well, there were three horses that fit that description, so after what seemed an endless effort on my part to find Maude, I finally went back and took more images of just her.  This is the result.  Isn’t she a pretty lady?




Today I delivered all of the “artsy” photo cards I made for my client of those 17 horses … well actually it was 16.  Somehow I forgot Maude, so I photographed her today while I was there.  She’s such a sweet and gentle horse and is for sale.  If you know someone looking for a chestnut with soulful eyes, she’s your gal.  Namaste’


Silly Signs

I stopped watching the news two days ago.  Just can’t take it and I don’t need to say why.  You all know.  I’m sure you feel it, too.

But today my husband and I went out to breakfast.  Needed to break the routine.  We tried a restaurant we’d never been to before and the food was wonderful.

I love places that are different and it’s always a bonus if the food is good 🙂  But this place had some of the coolest signs and I hope they bring a smile for you.  Take a look.

(Only 15 days to go and the 366 Project is over).  Just sayin’  Last Monday I did a photo shoot of 17 horses and took 144 photos of them.  Horses are hard to do; they just don’t sit and stay like our canine friends but I feel I got some good shots.  I’m still editing and when the final edits are complete, then I order prints and make photo note cards.  The owner of the stables is going to give these cards to her clients as a gift.  I have a LOT of work to do.  Wish me luck.  Namaste’



The Stallion

Mutual Love

Just had to add one more post for today with this photo. It’s the owner of the horse ranch that I visited today with her stallion.  He’s beautiful and, as you can see, is crazy about his owner.  She loves him just as much.  She raised him from a colt and for being a stallion, he was just as gentle with us (who were strangers to him) than he is with her.

Equine Energy

My Camera Made This Appaloosa a Little Wary

It’s been many, many years since I’ve spent time around horses and today I had the opportunity to be with them.  I have to say it was absolutely wonderful.  The energy they give to us humans is phenomenal – so peaceful and yet so animated when they want to be.  I’m afraid these still pictures just don’t them any justice, but it was fun taking their photos.  I talked to each one of them and rubbed their noses.  I can’t wait to go back again. It felt good to feel like I did when I was a kid being around my uncle’s horses.  Brought back such great memories of my hometown in Kansas.

Yes, even the smell.  When I got home both of my dogs couldn’t stop sniffing my jeans.

One of the things I learned is that horses need sunglasses … well, not like we use, of course.  The covers they wear on their faces allow them to see out yet the sun is filtered so their eyes are protected.  The kind they use at this ranch allows the air to move as well.  It gets brutally hot here in the summer so these lucky horses have the availability of being inside a stall or outside in the open air.

Wearing His Sun Shade
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