Iron Horse

When hubby’s twin sister was here visiting, we decided to go to Tubac AZ. ¬†It’s a wonderful artist community where you can find original works of art of all genres and some really great restaurants, too. I love it there and if I was wealthy, I would buy something from every store ūüôā ¬†All of the shop owners and artists we met were so nice and helpful with information about their offerings. ¬†If you’re ever in southern Arizona and want to spend a lovely day, Tubac is the place to go. ¬†Just don’t do it in the summer; way too hot!

The photo is of a horse and his sidekick, complete with sombrero and guitar, that I spied along one of the streets.  This particular piece was priced at $3800. Sounds pricey but the work that went into this had to be huge.

I’ll be adding more photos from our visit there as time goes on. ¬†Namaste’

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