Our Four Asses

No, it’s not four Aces (but wouldn’t THAT be fun in Texas Hold ‘Em?)  It really is four asses.  Our metal asses to be precise.  I took this photo of a key rack that we keep by the back door.  Sure makes it handy to know where the keys are and the donkeys keep a good eye on them for us.

I’ve always loved donkeys.  I think they’re marvelous creatures and would like to have some for real one day.  Have you ever wondered why donkeys are called asses?  I follow a wonderful blog that is all about these hard-working creatures and I’ve learned so much.  Please visit Melody’s site when you have some time.  The Donkey Whisperer.  She is a wonderful human being.  Namaste’

I used a bounce flash with some fill-in light to bring out some of the details 
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