Mug Shots

A lovely surprise came in the mail for me a while back from our friend, Anne, who lives in the City by the Bay.  She knows how much I love shooting pictures so she sent me this wonderful mug, which I absolutely love drinking coffee from.  So thanks again, Anne!

Yes, I’m a bona fide coffee drinker and no, I will never, ever change in that respect.  I do like tea, but in the morning it’s a good cup of Joe for me.  This morning I had to do some fasting blood tests, so I filled up this mug, took it with me, and as soon as the vampires took my blood and I was back in my car, I drank that glorious brown liquid.  Ha!

If any of my photographer friends want one of these, I believe these or similar ones can be found at Photojojo.  Namaste’



Tree Angel

I happened to notice this angel at the top of a Christmas tree.  She was way off in the distance so I zoomed in just to see if I could get her face.  It came out pretty good, probably because I was sitting at a table and could steady the camera with my elbows.  Ooops!  No elbows on the table, unless of course you’re trying to avoid camera shake.  Then there was the beam in the way but what the heck.  Namaste’