Can You See Me If I Can’t See You?

It’s that time of year in the Old Pueblo when the lizards come a-callin’ and this one tried to hide from me but I got the shot anyway.  Daisy usually patrols the perimeter and somehow missed this one (she was probably napping), or she would have chased it down.  He’s hanging on the wall with both of his left legs.  A bit of an acrobat if you ask me 🙂  I wish I could have got his head in the image but I had the feeling if I moved closer, he’d be out of there.

Hope your Monday is a good one.  Namaste’



Water for the Critters

Every time I think I can get a shot of these little guys, by the time I come back with the camera, they’ve scampered away.  But not this time.  I had to take the shot through the window but at least it captured their kinship with the bird.

We’ve been putting water in a clay pot saucer for the critters for a couple of weeks now and it’s really kind of cool to see them all taking their turns.  Evening is the time these cottontails come around for their drink  and we thoroughly enjoy watching them, but so far we haven’t seen any jack rabbits come to the dish.  In the morning it’s the chipmunks and lizards who get their daily drink.  I think word is getting around now and they’re telling all of their friends.  We might have to set the dish up with an automatic drip system 🙂

Hope you all have had a wonderful Sunday.  Namaste’

Desert Critter?

This is what happens to cactus as it dies and petrifies.  My mom used to take pieces of these and put flowers in them to make planters.  Not my idea of fun after picking one of them up once and finding several scorpions underneath.  This particular one looks like some kind of lizard-type creature.  We didn’t prop it up or move it in any way.

So do you think I should give it a name and make it a pet?  (It will probably be there long after I’m gone).  Namaste’

Our Morning Guest

Today’s photo is what our dogs were barking at early this morning.  This little guy (or girl) is known as a Gila Monster – one of only two types of lizards that are venomous.  From what I’ve heard about these, if they bite you, they lock their jaws and then shake their head from side to side.  Definitely NOT my idea of a good time, which is why I wasn’t going to get any closer than I did.  Our reptilian friend was backed up against the garage door and I didn’t feel like threatening it.  Not today!!!!  If you want a closer look, click to enlarge.  Namaste’



Dazzle ‘Em with Your Footwork, Daisy

If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went ~ Will Rogers

I just couldn’t resist taking this shot of Daisy trying to convince a lizard to come down out of the tree.  She does her little dance around the tree base and then finally stands up with her two front paws on the tree trunk.  Then she sits down (like when she wants a treat), thinking that if she sits pretty, the lizard might magically run down the tree and into her mouth.  NOT!  But every day she keeps on dancing. I have to give her credit for her tenacity, and her animated personality is so entertaining for us humans.  Good luck, Daisy.  Click the photo to enlarge. Namaste’

If It’s Back Tomorrow

Today’s photos are of a little friend that got trapped in our screened-in patio.  I’ve turned it loose two mornings in a row now.  If it comes back tomorrow, I’ll know for sure that it has a crush on me 🙂  It’s only about three inches long and can move very fast, so trying to capture it is difficult but hey, I’m all for freedom and the challenge, so will do what it takes.

Basking in the morning sun