OK, It IS a Big Deal

I don’t usually make a big deal out of my birthday. Well, one of them I did … my 30th. Somehow I managed to celebrate for two weeks. (Please don’t ask me any questions about it because I’ll take the 5th) Ha!

But this year on this day, I’ll be celebrating by the Pacific Ocean, taking my Mom’s cremains to the sea. I celebrate her today so it IS a big deal.

She brought me into this world and taught me how to live in it. I am forever grateful, Mom.


Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

750 Words

wordsIt’s been what seems like a long time since I’ve posted anything here. There are several reasons for that, but that was then and this is now. I was posting on my other blog for a while and it was pretty fun, but now I’m back here. It’s not to say that I won’t be posting over there, too, so if you’re so inclined, I’d be honored if you’d follow that one as well.

My Mom passed away in late September and even though she was 92 (and I was so blessed to have her for so long), her passing has left a huge hole in my heart. She loved me unconditionally.

The subject of this post is WORDS. Why? Because I found a site that I really love and have started the practice of writing 750 words a day; a very healing exercise. Many years ago, I started the practice of writing “morning pages” what Julia Cameron refers to in her book, The Artist’s Way. She recommends doing them in long-hand but I seem to have a hard time staying with that practice, so the 750 words site is my answer to doing them because I can type my pages. And for me, it doesn’t matter what time of day that I do them; all that matters is that I do them. It’s the perfect brain dump for me. (One of the added benefits is that I sleep better). Yay!

Take good care of yourself and each other. Namaste’



Meet My Mom – 90 Years Young

I know, I know! It’s been a while since I’ve been to the blogosphere, but life and my business have kept me out of trouble ūüôā¬†

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I want to wish all the Moms out there a blessed and joyous day.¬† Being a mom is really hard work and who says it stops when the young-uns leave the nest?¬† And who says there should only be one day a year to honor Mom?¬†¬†

Anyway, I’ll be spending tomorrow with this lovely lady and my hubby.¬† Mom doesn’t really like to have her picture taken, so I snapped this with my phone last weekend.¬† I think she looks pretty good for being 90.¬† Maybe I’ll look this good when I’m her age.¬† One can hope, right?¬†

Wish I could have my kids and grandkids here, too.¬† But I feel loved no matter where everyone is geographically. Namaste’




Just a short post today to express my thanks to all of you who made such loving comments. Your thoughts and positive energy will contribute immensely to the days ahead. The tasks begin of dealing with the logistics of moving Mom to a smaller place, and of course the paperwork involved when someone passes. God, give me the strength and grace I’m gonna need for all this! I’m not gettin’ any younger, ‘ya know!!!! Namaste’

Me & Mom

I spent this afternoon with my Mom and then took her to see my step-dad, now in a rehab center, recovering from pneumonia. ¬†I hate those places and they’ve both been in them before. ¬†But we did manage to have some nice moments, like this one. ¬†The waitress took a shot of us together, which I will cherish for a long, long time. ¬†Namaste’


Something’s Fishy

While visiting my Mom today, I took a few shots of the aquarium in their lobby. ¬†I don’t know what kind of fish these are, but they seemed to not be afraid of me photographing them. ¬†Namaste’

Present Palm

Today I just wanted to BE. ¬†So I stood under our palm tree and just watched for a couple of minutes. ¬†It felt good just to stand there. ¬†But then it was off to see Mom and do some stuff for her. ¬†My usual Saturday thing. ¬†Namaste’

Grandma’s Vase

Today’s photo is a red glass vase that my Grandpa gave my Grandma many, many years ago. ¬†It was the last gift he gave her before he passed away. ¬†She cherished it, my Mom cherished it and now I will. ¬†And someday my daughter and her daughter will as well.

Look close enough and you can see my reflection in the face of the vase. ¬†Namaste’

To All Moms Everywhere

For all of the Moms all over the world … may your day be full of joy, love and fun with your loved ones. ¬†Allow yourself to feel special because you ARE. ¬†God bless you all!

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