I truly hope that your new year is starting out with all the good stuff that life brings!

Everyone who follows my blog and my other social media outlets knows that I’m not a purveyor of negative news and I don’t plan to start now. It’s just that there are some big changes heading our way, not just here in the U.S., but all throughout our environment, all over this planet.


The Earth herself is changing and so are we. We are all energy … and there are waves of energy hitting our planet now that are huge. This energy has been with us for a while and is increasing at this time. Have you felt out of sorts lately? Many people I speak with are feeling it. In fact, it affected how lots of us felt about this past Christmas. This particular holiday, even more so than others, is all about buy, buy, buy. I just can’t get into that mode anymore. Most of my friends said the same thing. The majority of us realize that the buy, buy, buy mentality is over. Yeah, it’s great to give gifts but let it be because you think that gift will make someone feel good, not because the pressure of the holiday season is upon you. My facebook news feed was filled with wishes of love for family and friends, and not one mentioned what they “got” for Christmas. It was truly wonderful.

But back to the changes. Whatever happens, be it earth changes, political structures, monetary impacts, try not to be in fear. Maybe nothing will happen of a huge consequence. I hope not. That’s all I can say. Just know that you have a force that is bigger and walks beside you … always. Trust in that. Trust in your powers of highest discernment and assist others to do the same.

Do I believe in being prepared with extra water, food, and life’s necessities? Absolutely!

God bless you. Namaste’



Look Up

Looking closer at this image I shot at the zoo in Tucson a while back, I see the lesson about life that nature provides if we just pay attention.  “Look up” they seem to say and “give praise to our heavenly Father.”  “Give glory to Mother Earth for sustaining our life here.”  (We as a species need to treat her with more love and respect). Namaste’

03.02.15Reach Regina (Reggie) Arnold is a “flunked retirement” entrepreneur, co-author of The Art & Science of Recruiting, an award-winning photographic artist, and photo blogger

What is Mother Up to Now?

OK, you guys; I know it’s not just me that’s noticing the changes happening on Mother Earth’s surface.  I’m noticing more vibrancy, more intense colors in all of her finery.  Please tell me I’m NOT going crazy here!  Plants are blooming again that normally only do it once a year.  And others are blooming on our property that have never bloomed before.  What is Mother up to?  Whatever it is, I feel like she’s smiling and saying “Thank you for noticing.”

Today’s photos illustrate my point. The first is a close-up and the second is the whole bush – one that I’ve never seen bloom in white.  Ever!  Have I moved to another planet that just resembles Earth?  Oh, and if you ask me what kind of plant this is, you KNOW I’m not going to tell you because why?  I don’t know!  I just photograph them 🙂  Namaste’