Maid Service

02.22.15.maidserviceThanks to my friend, Bonnie, for giving me this sign.  How many of us would like to have maid service??? I know I would.  And if I had one, I would make sure that he was treated with the utmost respect.  That’s right … no typo … I said “he.”

I would also make sure that he was paid very well. It’s no fun cleaning house, especially someone else’s. And if he didn’t want to wear shoes, like Agador Spartacus in The Birdcage, that wouldn’t be a problem for me at all.

I’ve seen that movie at least four times and I still laugh my butt off at the cast of characters, especially Robin Williams and Nathan Lane practicing the John Wayne walk.

So if you need a good laugh, rent the movie, and if you need a “me” break, give up housework for a while.  At least until you can give cutesy little names to the dust bunnies.  (I’ve already named a couple of mine … Lucy and Ethyl). Namaste’

Regina (Reggie) Arnold is a “flunked retirement” entrepreneur, co-author of The Art & Science of Recruiting, an award-winning photographic artist, and photo blogger.

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