Throwback Thursday – Reggie

I’m trying to be consistent with my Throwback Thursday posts, but this one will be short.

This bracelet was given to me by my Mother when I was seven years old. It was a gift for winning a county spelling bee when we lived in Kansas. I won first place that year.

Looking back, I realize how much she sacrificed to buy this for me. Who buys a gold ID bracelet for their seven year old child? My Mom. I will always cherish it and the memories it holds. I wear it every day now.

The original band was an expansion, which obviously became too small for my wrist as I grew older. So I took a gold bracelet of hers and had it put on to the ID bar, which bears my nickname at that time … Reggie.

Only a few people have called me that during my lifetime. My Mom, Dad and Brother.

Eventually they all started calling me Gina, my other nickname.

Guess that means I’ve had more than one alias. LOL!  The other ones I won’t mention here 🙂


Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’