Dual Cameras

Today’s photos are contributed by hubby and me.  We went downtown to do some shooting and came across something pretty interesting.  There’s a replica of the Garden of Gethsemane in a park, however it’s undergoing reconstruction.  The sculptor, Felix Lucero, is now dead but I imagine when they were new, they were spectacular.  We were hoping for a little less light but had to take what we could get.  I think hubby did a great job on his photos.  And now he’s having fun using some editing software.  I think he may have found a new hobby.  He used the Olympus E-420 and I used the Nikon Coolpix P510.   Namaste’  (BTW, hubby, you might have to start your own photoblog 🙂



Caught Napping

I took this shot of Foxy when she was just falling asleep.  I was sitting across the room looking at all the goodies (and reading the manual) on my new camera when I noticed her there.  So I took the shot.  This is the first image that I’m posting using my new Nikon Coolpix P510.  And I did add a softening effect because there was harsh light in the room.

WS got it for me as an early Christmas gift and yes, he bought the red one!!!!!  So thanks to WS and a fellow blogger/photographer (you know who you are, Miss Z), who introduced me to it, I love this new camera.  It has a 42X zoom lens that I’m still getting used to, but this will make me use my tripod more often.  I love the lcd display that tilts.  This will make for some interesting shots for me … one who has bad knees and misses some of those on the ground shots.  And this will be a great camera to take on vacation.

Will I stop using my trusty Olympus DSLR?  Not on your life, but now I have other options.  I think my camera bag just got heavier 🙂 Namaste’