When you’re searching for the photograph of the day, why not just look in your own back yard?  Here’s a shot of our canine cutie, Foxy.  We adopted her from a local shelter when she was five months old. That was six years ago and we have never regretted it.  Well, we might have for just a minute when she ate a hole in the living room sofa and tore off the head of a stuffed white tiger.  Uh, yeah, that’s when we decided to crate-train her.  Whew!  Best thing we ever did.  It got to the point where she was the star pupil of her obedience training class and began to love her crate.  It was her “safe place.”   I’ve always said that if you’re going to have a pet, take the time and cultivate the patience to take good care of it.  We love our canine companions and that love is returned unconditionally.  Unlike the kids, I’ve never heard any of our dogs say, “Oh, Mom, you don’t know anything!”


When people ask us what mix she is, we always say “the back half is Golden Retriever; the front half is somethin’ and somethin’ else.”  Actually, our vet thinks she’s a mix of Shiba Inu and Golden.  Oh, did I mention he’s afraid of her?  Ha!  Each time we go there, he immediately gives her a treat.  Wants to be her buddy 🙂  It works.

Oh, and did I also mention that Dog is God spelled backward?  Hmmm . . .

Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to our other canine cutie.  Stay tuned.  As always, you can click the image to make it larger.