Day Five of Seven

Day Five

Day Five of Seven Days of Black and White

I have to say I’m very grateful to my uncle for this image. He’s the one who taught me how to use a bounce flash (and bought me my first one). This was taken with my Olympus DSLR, which is what I used the most before I purchased my Nikon. I guess you could call it my first love.

For this image, I isolated two flowers from a bouquet I bought at the store. Yes, I know you’re shaking your head, knowing that no flowers come into my home without being photographed. They make the best subjects because they don’t blink when the flash goes off. LOL.

Next, I put these up against a white backdrop, arranged them the way I wanted, used the manual mode on the camera, and positioned the bounce at different angles until I got what I wanted.  I did this on the patio, where the ceiling was lower. I found that high ceilings don’t work very well for getting this kind of effect. The light from the flash has to travel too far.

Have a great weekend, dear ones. Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’



Hahaha! Cranky describes me when I’m not creating something.

Creativity is part of our inherent nature. Whatever it is you like to do, give it your all with passion.

You have great gifts. Share them!

My Olympus camera is an oldie but a goody and still one of my favorites. She and I had many adventures together and I think of her as my cohort in crime in my early days of photo blogging – LOL


Be good to yourself and others. Namaste’

Dual Cameras

Today’s photos are contributed by hubby and me.  We went downtown to do some shooting and came across something pretty interesting.  There’s a replica of the Garden of Gethsemane in a park, however it’s undergoing reconstruction.  The sculptor, Felix Lucero, is now dead but I imagine when they were new, they were spectacular.  We were hoping for a little less light but had to take what we could get.  I think hubby did a great job on his photos.  And now he’s having fun using some editing software.  I think he may have found a new hobby.  He used the Olympus E-420 and I used the Nikon Coolpix P510.   Namaste’  (BTW, hubby, you might have to start your own photoblog 🙂


Caught Napping

I took this shot of Foxy when she was just falling asleep.  I was sitting across the room looking at all the goodies (and reading the manual) on my new camera when I noticed her there.  So I took the shot.  This is the first image that I’m posting using my new Nikon Coolpix P510.  And I did add a softening effect because there was harsh light in the room.

WS got it for me as an early Christmas gift and yes, he bought the red one!!!!!  So thanks to WS and a fellow blogger/photographer (you know who you are, Miss Z), who introduced me to it, I love this new camera.  It has a 42X zoom lens that I’m still getting used to, but this will make me use my tripod more often.  I love the lcd display that tilts.  This will make for some interesting shots for me … one who has bad knees and misses some of those on the ground shots.  And this will be a great camera to take on vacation.

Will I stop using my trusty Olympus DSLR?  Not on your life, but now I have other options.  I think my camera bag just got heavier 🙂 Namaste’

Orange and Green

Today’s image is of some delicate little flowers that look like birds to me.  They caught my eye as I was coming out of the bank and I think the contrast of orange and green is quite nice.  Life is just full of contrast, isn’t it?  I’ll bet if we all took one hour of being out in nature, we could see at least 100 ways she displays contrast. Namaste’

She’s Not a Canon …

Today’s photo is of my Olympus E-420, the camera that I use for most of my 366 project photos.  I don’t think this camera is better than any of the others I’ve had, which include Canon, Pentax and Minolta.  And I don’t think it’s inferior to any of them.  For me, photography is not a profession; some days I’m very passionate about it; other days my muse, Photog, takes a mini-vacation.  I’m simply having fun with the creative side of my “self.”  The side of me that, until now, I have hardly explored.  I don’t really worry about the technical aspects of a photograph any more.  I paid a lot more attention to that when I was shooting film years ago.

It’s my belief that we all have our own reasons for doing what we do.  Mine are two-fold:  to bring joy to myself and to bring joy to my readers through my photographs and stringing words together to describe them.  Thank you for being part of my world and part of my 366 project.  Oh, and Happy Birthday to my brother, Mike, who would have been 68 today.  And Happy Earth Day to Gaia!  What if we all just lit one candle today and wished her love?  I think it would raise the vibration of our beautiful planet immensely.  Let me know if you do it.  I’m going to.  Namaste’



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