Blah Blah Blah

Ever had one of “those” days?  When I saw this tag this morning, I knew it was the perfect photo for how I’m feeling today.  Anybody else feeling the same way or is it just me?  I think my brain needs some chocolate 🙂  Namaste’

My Revival

Today was one of those days that I said, “hmmm … a green tea frappuccino with a shot of raspberry sounds good.”  So I made a u-turn, pulled into Starbucks, pulled out the money and said, “Revive me!” 85 degrees today and supposed to be 92 tomorrow.  I am sooooooooooo not ready for the 90’s!!!!  Usually we don’t get that warm until early May.  Ugh!

Have a great weekend.  Namaste.

Moving and Random Totem

Wow! Today on my way to my Mom’s to pack her place up, I saw this totem out in the desert.  I have no idea who built it or how it got there, but it looks really heavy and yes, those are real rocks.  No, I didn’t push on it to see if it would fall over 🙂  The other photo is what moving looks like for two 88 year old people.  That walker in the picture is one that my Mom said (just a few years ago) she would never use.  And now she can’t go anywhere without it.  God bless her.

Our weather today is one of those days – the kind that all the snowbirds come here to experience.  Even though my physical body is exhausted, I feel richly blessed in so many ways.  Namaste.

I Wish I Had Some Grass

From Foxy's Perspective

This life of being a desert dog is extremely hard sometimes.  I imagine dogs that live in places with lawns don’t know how good they have it … really!  I wish I had some grass.  You know, the kind that gets watered regularly and is soft and cool on the pads of my paws. Running on it would feel so good right now.  My buddy, Daisy, would like it, too, because she’s a border collie (and some kind of spaniel???) who probably could learn how to catch that Frisbee if she didn’t have to do it on rocks.

I guess I’ll just lay here and look out the gate for now.  Hmmm … no grass out there.  The dog park doesn’t have anything even close to looking or feeling like real grass.  It’s that Arizona rye grass – dry and hard and doesn’t feel very good either.  Oh well, I guess it’s one of those days … maybe I’ll get up and go beg my humans for a treat.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  See ‘ya later.

As my human Mom would say … namaste.

Proceed with Caution

Ever had one of those days where you have a conversation with someone and you can just feel something bubbling up?  Warning! Warning! You know you should proceed with caution.  You know that whatever you say is probably not going to be welcomed in the spirit in which you intend.

Hmmm … that’s what happened to me today and the funny thing is, I saw this sign on my way home from having that conversation.  I wish I had seen it on the way over there.  Life should come with an instruction manual because sometimes there are more questions than answers.  So I think I’ll just let the bubbling begin and see what surfaces.

With the energies of this year coming in like they are already, I have the feeling I might be heeding this sign more often.

When the ego is in charge, the conflict reigns. I’m learning I can ask my ego to take a short vacation. Then I can just let go of the need to be right.  Now THAT feels good … and peaceful.


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