Bloomin’ Barrels

First of all, let me say thank you to all of you wonderful people out there who have given me such words of encouragement, especially from yesterday’s post.  And second, let me also say that I’ve not been keeping up with all of you in terms of reading your posts, but I do plan to catch up.  I enjoy reading them and seeing your photos so much.  Dear Nia, there’s no way I can keep up with you 🙂

Today’s photos are from our yard.  The barrel cactus are blooming again and the strange thing is that they’re blooming in different colors.  I truly don’t remember them being this color last season.  Normally they are a pale yellow, but I could be going crazy … again!  Or this is Mother Nature’s way of thumping me on the head and saying “pay attention, Missy!”  Namaste’

Did a little editing on this one with a black & white background
Look – but touch at your own peril



A “Glad” Surprise Today

Today’s photos actually found me (don’t they all?) while having lunch with my Mom where she lives.  The dining room is very nice there … each table had a vase of fresh gladiolas and yours truly gathered each color and photographed them.  My two fav’s are below.  Click to enlarge.  Namaste’  (I wish I could paint like God does).

My second favorite