TBT – The Fire Dances


Feeling the warmth from a fireplace, especially when it’s outdoors, is something I absolutely love. A clear, brisk night with thousands of stars — wrapped up in a blanket, feet up on the hearth, and the dancing flames. So simple. So tranquil.

I used to love to sit outside and just watch the flames, completely mesmerized by their movement. It took me to a place where I could just breathe and BE. Didn’t have to think of anything, solve any problems, talk to anyone, or worry about what anyone else was doing or thinking. For while the fire danced, the madness of the world was gone. I like that … a lot.

I miss this fireplace in our back yard in Tucson. Don’t have one here. So I’ll just revisit this image often and be instantly transported to that place of pure being.

Be good to yourself and each other. Stay warm! Namaste’



Just Chillin’

Some people say that I can find a picture in the strangest of places.  Well I guess that’s because I seem to always have my camera close by.  Some people also say that my camera has become an extension of my arm.  Hmmm … this picture is probably evidence of that.  Sitting by the fire the other night with an almost empty glass of Chardonnay with my feet up on the hearth.  Hmmm … camera was in my right hand.  Hmmm … fire + wine + relaxation + camera = picture.

Yep, guess I’m guilty of guilty pleasures. Ha!  Namaste’