Palm Trees and Pink Sky

03-04-17palmtreesIt’s not a secret that it’s been a rough winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Today is no exception and I’m more than ready for Spring to spring into action. Come on! Tell the rain gods to high-tail it out of here!!!!

This image is one I really like because I took it while at my friend’s house in Palm Springs.¬†Give me some warm air, palm trees and pink sky!!!!

Have a great rest of your weekend. Namaste’



Today’s image is of a wallpaper that I designed for my phone using Pixlr. I love that app. It’s free and anyone can get their creative juices flowing so easily with this app, available on the Google Play store. All I did was take one of the default wallpapers that came with my Samsung phone and then added the palm trees using Pixlr.

I love palm trees ūüôā

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’




Pennies from Heaven

On my recent visit to Tucson, something happened that proves the Universe obliges us and that what we focus on expands.

My Mom lives in a residential care home and hates the food there so every day when I went to see her, I would stop at the grocery store to bring her some goodies. ¬†She loves sweets and even though I know they’re not good for her, I brought them anyway. She’ll be 92 next month and I believe¬†that she deserves to have anything that makes her happy.

One night while reading from Pam Grout’s book, E-Cubed, I decided to try one of the experiments. It’s called Pennies from Heaven and it goes like this: in the next 72 hours be aware of Pennies from Heaven. Most people discount pennies as seemingly worthless, but they represent abundance in its many forms. ¬†So I set my intention to consciously put them on my radar. ¬†The next day my Mom asked me bring her a Coke, among other things, from the store. When I reached into the cold case to grab the Coke, there was a penny just laying there. ¬†I picked it up and let out a big “woo hoo!” ¬†People stared but I didn’t care. ¬†There was a Penny from Heaven! ¬†Proof that the Universe obliged my intention.

After I had swiped my credit card to pay for the groceries, the clerk asked if I had a member card.  I said no, so he told me I could use his to get the discounts on the items I purchased.  OK, cool, I thought.  What happened next blew me away.  He gave me $10.20 back in cash. What???  I thanked him and put it in my pocket, still baffled by what had just happened.

Out in the parking lot I noticed there was a woman standing in front of my rental car smoking a cigarette. A homeless man walked up to her and asked if she had a cigarette he could have. ¬†She told him she didn’t have one to spare. ¬†So he asked her if she could spare some change because he was hungry. ¬†She told him she couldn’t help him. Without even thinking, I blurted out “I can.” ¬†I pulled out the $10 bill I had been given and gave it to him. ¬†He looked me square in the eye and said, “God blesses you.”

I will never forget him or the events that took place in the space of just a few minutes … serendipity. ¬†God put me in the right place at the right time. ¬†A blessing for that man and me. ¬†It wasn’t my job to know what he was going to do with the money. ¬†But it was my job to share a blessing. ¬†Both of us felt God’s grace.

I got in the car and looked skyward¬†to say my thank you’s and saw the palm trees. ¬†I love palm trees so I took this photo, knowing that every time I see a palm tree, I am grateful for my Pennies from Heaven experience.

But it didn’t stop there. ¬†When I got back home from Tucson, I had coffee with my neighbor and was relating all of this to her. ¬†As we were talking, I set my coffee cup down on the table, and there was a penny. ¬†Wow! ¬†Neither of us had seen it there when we first sat down. We were both speechless and just burst out laughing at the wonder of it all. And then when I got back to my house, as soon as I put down my purse and keys, the music station hubby and I usually listen to played … you guessed it¬† … Pennies from Heaven. ¬†I kid you not. ¬†Life is full of magic. ¬†Go find it. ¬†Namaste’


Regina (Reggie) Arnold is a “flunked retirement” entrepreneur, co-author of The Art & Science of Recruiting, an award-winning photographic artist, and photo blogger.


The Eyes of the Future

I’ve been trying to get a shot of this stone statue for quite a while but each time I want to stop, there’s usually a lot of cars behind me.¬† (Busy road).¬† No place to pull off.

So yesterday, I set out from home with the intention of getting a shot.  I specifically put it out to the universe that there would be no cars behind me and I would be able to pull over.  Lo and behold!  No cars, and I even spied a driveway that I never noticed before.  Pulling in was a breeze and no worries about getting hit from behind.

I added a slight illustration effect so that the writing under the wings would be visible.¬† Click on the image to enlarge but if you can’t for some reason, it says: “The eyes of the future are looking back at us. To protect what is wild is to protect what is gentle.”

The palm tree shot was taken right across the street in stark contrast to the desert scene.¬† Namaste’




Well, today was the day when we get the house together to prepare for Christmas guests.  Will Santa be one of them?  I expect he will.

While walking by the dining room table I noticed the sunlight streaming through one of the candlesticks and lighting it up. ¬†It’s hard to see the red candle because there’s so much light. ¬†I just love it. ¬†I’m using the palm tree candlesticks for Christmas dinner. ¬†Maybe it’s a subliminal thing that I’d like to be at the beach with palm trees swaying and an umbrella drink in my hand. ¬†LOL. ¬†Namaste’


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