American Southwest (A Peaceful Journey)

A good friend of ours who lives in San Francisco sent me this video the other day.  I just now had a chance to watch it and decided to share it with all of you, especially my readers who have never been here.

I think each part of this beautiful planet has its own special power and places that, when we view them, take our breath away.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.  May it bring you a few peaceful moments.

Thank you, dear Anne, for sharing this with all of us.  Right now, with the excessive heat we have here, I would love to be in my favorite city by the Bay.  Send a little of that bay fog over to us here in the desert … please  ❤  Namaste’


The Winding Road

During our lifetimes here on planet Earth, we will travel many roads.  Some of them straight, easy to follow, with clear directions and a sense of “I know just where I’m going.”  Others will be winding and bumpy, making us wonder if we’re really on the right path at all, maybe making us think “Shouldn’t this be easier?”

Taking this photo got me thinking about the many paths I have chosen over the years of my life so far.  Most of them have been wonderful and for that I am so, so grateful.  But I’m also grateful for the ones that didn’t seem so wonderful when I was travelling them.  Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and we can always look back and say, “Aha! Now I know what that was trying to teach me!”  That’s the beauty of looking back but honestly, that’s the only value I can see in looking back.

We must move forward.  That means taking steps right here; right now in this present moment.  And with each step on our path, we could really do ourselves a favor if we would stop and ask, “What lesson might I find in this choice?”  Sometimes we expect certainty when what we should be asking for is clarity.  There is nothing being done TO me, but everything is done FOR me … for my own growth and personal evolution.

I hope all of your paths are fruitful and blessed with peace, whatever the lesson may be.  Namaste’

The Chairs

While visiting my parents today, I walked around the grounds of the facility looking for something to photograph.  The grounds are lush with beautiful plants, flowers and real, living grass, which is rare in southern Arizona.  Mostly we have decorative rock in lieu of lawns in an effort to conserve water in our landscaping.  But maybe they feel that most of the folks that live in assisted living might like to look out their windows and see some green grass.  It really is pretty and reminded me of when I was a kid.  I took my sandals off and just walked through it.  It was so much fun!

But I digress.  Today’s photo is of a row of chairs which I thought were interesting as they were pushed up against the courtyard wall so that they faced the fountain.  I love water features,   so after photographing the empty gallery of chairs, I sat for a while and just watched and listened to the water.  Peaceful moments.  I needed that today. Namaste’