National Camera Day

How could I not celebrate #NationalCameraDay? These images are a few I shot with my handy Nikon Cool Pix P510. I like it because it’s small enough to throw into my purse and just go. No camera bag to lug around. It also has a 42x built-in zoom, plus wide angle.

I also like it because it came highly recommended from a fellow blogger. She’s an amazing photographer and brilliant author. Check out her blog: Much love, Miss Z!!!

That’s all for me today. Gotta run, but have an amazing weekend.

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

TBT – Twins

Hubby’s twin sister and her husband are coming to visit us next week. We’re all excited to see each other. It’s been too long and we always have a good time together.

This image is a collage I did for them five years ago, using pictures from an old family album. (Hubby even liked the bow tie and hat I put on him).

I had it framed for both of them, because I think it’s important to preserve family memories.

Carryl.Darryl.withhatsBe good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

Sunday Soul Collage

Today’s photo is a collage of some of my faves.  Having a gazillion (OK, a slight exaggeration) photos on my computer can sometimes lend itself to some creativity, so here’s my Sunday Soul Collage.  Some of these I took long before I started the 366 project.

WS and I went out to dinner and we both blew our new eating plan all to hell.  He had Veal Piccata and I had the Chef’s special pasta, bread & butter, and a fabulous glass of Merlot …. mmm … to die for!  We won’t even talk about dessert; I’m not fessin’ up to that!  But I have to say it was good for the soul.  Back to normal eating plan tomorrow.


Happy 12th, Miss Belle!

Today is our granddaughter’s 12th birthday and I honestly can’t figure out where all the time went.  I remember vividly the night she was born, though.  Her Dad and brother had just taken off in the boat to go fishing when Mommy went into labor.  I called the neighbor at the end of the inlet in hopes he could wave them down before they got out onto the lake.  Thank God he did.  As soon as they got back we all left for the hospital and it was only a few hours later that Annabelle was born.  I have to say that watching your daughter have a baby is rather nerve-racking – at least for me.  But through the years, even though I have never lived in the same state as they do, I have been blessed to spend some beautiful moments with Annabelle and her brother.  So Happy Birthday, Miss Belle.  Grammy and Gramps love you to the moon and back!  (These are some of my favorites of her, however, I probably have about 200 more).

The Twins – Circa 1944

The Twins - circa 1944

Today’s image is of a photo collage I created for my husband and his twin sister, born twenty minutes apart.  They look like little angels, holding hands and all.

All of the photos were taken around 1944 (we think) and I just added a touch of whimsy by embellishing with hats and a bow-tie as I arranged the photos.  Some of the original images were a bit faded but the twins were pleased with the results.  Click to enlarge if you’d like to see their cute little faces up close.  As for me, I think they’re both still pretty cute 🙂  Love you guys!

(It’s difficult to take a picture of a framed picture without some glare.  Ugh!)



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