I truly hope that your new year is starting out with all the good stuff that life brings!

Everyone who follows my blog and my other social media outlets knows that I’m not a purveyor of negative news and I don’t plan to start now. It’s just that there are some big changes heading our way, not just here in the U.S., but all throughout our environment, all over this planet.


The Earth herself is changing and so are we. We are all energy … and there are waves of energy hitting our planet now that are huge. This energy has been with us for a while and is increasing at this time. Have you felt out of sorts lately? Many people I speak with are feeling it. In fact, it affected how lots of us felt about this past Christmas. This particular holiday, even more so than others, is all about buy, buy, buy. I just can’t get into that mode anymore. Most of my friends said the same thing. The majority of us realize that the buy, buy, buy mentality is over. Yeah, it’s great to give gifts but let it be because you think that gift will make someone feel good, not because the pressure of the holiday season is upon you. My facebook news feed was filled with wishes of love for family and friends, and not one mentioned what they “got” for Christmas. It was truly wonderful.

But back to the changes. Whatever happens, be it earth changes, political structures, monetary impacts, try not to be in fear. Maybe nothing will happen of a huge consequence. I hope not. That’s all I can say. Just know that you have a force that is bigger and walks beside you … always. Trust in that. Trust in your powers of highest discernment and assist others to do the same.

Do I believe in being prepared with extra water, food, and life’s necessities? Absolutely!

God bless you. Namaste’



New Age Wine and Our Galactic Family

For several years now I’ve been following some information about whether we’re alone here on planet Earth … or not.  In some circles I’m referred to as a “new ager” and that’s OK.  Call me whatever you want but I believe we’re absolutely headed for a new age.  It seems to me that we can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing to our beloved planet and to each other for much longer.

For those who believe that Earth is just a rock with no soul or spirit of her own, you might want to stop reading now.  For the rest of you, take 18 minutes to check out the video link below the photo. This video gives some insight about who we are and what’s going to happen. It may shock you; it may not.  I welcome any comments you might have on this subject.

My photo for the day is a bottle of wine that I thought was pretty cool, so I shot the picture.  Seems I’m not the only one thinking of New Age.  The photo shows the painting of the woman, which is on the inside of the bottle and the words are on the outside.  It’s an Argentine wine that tastes of chardonnay and pinot grigio.

See the video:



The Winding Road

During our lifetimes here on planet Earth, we will travel many roads.  Some of them straight, easy to follow, with clear directions and a sense of “I know just where I’m going.”  Others will be winding and bumpy, making us wonder if we’re really on the right path at all, maybe making us think “Shouldn’t this be easier?”

Taking this photo got me thinking about the many paths I have chosen over the years of my life so far.  Most of them have been wonderful and for that I am so, so grateful.  But I’m also grateful for the ones that didn’t seem so wonderful when I was travelling them.  Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and we can always look back and say, “Aha! Now I know what that was trying to teach me!”  That’s the beauty of looking back but honestly, that’s the only value I can see in looking back.

We must move forward.  That means taking steps right here; right now in this present moment.  And with each step on our path, we could really do ourselves a favor if we would stop and ask, “What lesson might I find in this choice?”  Sometimes we expect certainty when what we should be asking for is clarity.  There is nothing being done TO me, but everything is done FOR me … for my own growth and personal evolution.

I hope all of your paths are fruitful and blessed with peace, whatever the lesson may be.  Namaste’