Ahhh … the Girls

I was having a little fun today with some post processing and thought I’d share this one with all of you.  Foxy (L) and Daisy (R); two of our favorite creatures on the planet.  Foxy is our senior dog and Daisy is what we lovingly refer to as the “teenager.”  You all know how teenagers can be, right?  Ha!

I was making some garlic bread this evening and … well … I left the sliced loaf too close to the edge of the counter and before I knew it, Daisy put those little mitts of hers up there, grabbed the bread in her teeth and was about to make off with it, when hubby came around the corner and busted her.  She’s such a food sleuth!  Probably because she had a history of being out on the streets before she was picked up by the SPCA.  We adopted her six years ago and it seems she’s been a chow hound ever since.

But we love her anyway, the little scoundrel!  Namaste’



Just for Fun

This image is one I took of a sculpture while hubby and I were in Tubac recently.  I did some post-processing just for fun.  When I took the shot, there was no way to eliminate a busy background, so I had to do it manually in an editing program.

The tortoise seems to be saying “Hey Dude!  Am I cool or what?”   Namaste’


God’s Gift

Look at the gorgeous sunset God gave us tonight.  While hubby and I were shopping, I looked out the window and saw this, ran outside and got this shot.  There was a lady standing there admiring it, too. What a gift from God to be able to see this and capture it.  No post-processing … this is straight out of the camera.  Namaste’

Nerd Glasses & a T-Shirt

I barely had time today to come up with a picture.  Had to take Foxy and Daisy to the vet this morning for issues with licking their paws and causing icky blisters (allergies). Then it was off to visit my Mom, take her to do some shopping, then taking her to the nursing home to visit with my stepfather. He’s recuperating from a fall where he broke a rib. They’re both 88 and in poor shape.  God, don’t let me get that old and be in that kind of shape!  Please!

So why is Foxy wearing a t-shirt?  Because the allergies cause her to itch underneath her front legs – kind of like our armpits – and the t-shirt keeps her from causing lesions on her skin when she scratches.  I know; probably more information than you wanted to know, but if you’re a dog person like we are, you get it.  As for the glasses, well, that’s just me having a little fun with post-processing. Foxy is sure a good sport and a very good canine patient with all that we have to do to her.  Daisy is too.  I think we’re pretty blessed.


Marble Rose



When I bought this new bouquet, I had no idea that the blooms would turn out so nice in post processing.  I have never seen marbled roses before and they photographed really well.  And yes, this rose does have thorns.  Like life sometimes. But I’ll take the thorns with the roses because there are no mistakes in nature.  We’re all works in progress.  And life is a temporary assignment, so relax and remember to try and be in the moment.

“It’s only in our minds that we are separate from the rest of the world” ~ Gay Luce

The question of the day: “Who would you be without your complaints?”