Say a Prayer, Send Love and Light

The east coast of the U.S. is under siege from hurricane Sandy.  Please say a prayer and send your highest light and love to all those living in that area.  Many are evacuated as this crazy storm comes ashore.  Some will be homeless and many may be without the basics, including electricity and water for weeks to come.  God bless them all.

Today’s photo is of the moon last night with some obvious Halloween embellishments.  Namaste’



What else can I say? I spotted this pile of pumpkins at the store today and just had to add the “face.”  Boo!  Hope you’re having a wonderful Autumn weekend.  The weather here in southern AZ is nothing short of fantastic.  76 degrees today.

If you celebrate Halloween, do you carve a real pumpkin?  And then do you roast the seeds?  Namaste’