Desert Critter?

This is what happens to cactus as it dies and petrifies.  My mom used to take pieces of these and put flowers in them to make planters.  Not my idea of fun after picking one of them up once and finding several scorpions underneath.  This particular one looks like some kind of lizard-type creature.  We didn’t prop it up or move it in any way.

So do you think I should give it a name and make it a pet?  (It will probably be there long after I’m gone).  Namaste’


Our Morning Guest

Today’s photo is what our dogs were barking at early this morning.  This little guy (or girl) is known as a Gila Monster – one of only two types of lizards that are venomous.  From what I’ve heard about these, if they bite you, they lock their jaws and then shake their head from side to side.  Definitely NOT my idea of a good time, which is why I wasn’t going to get any closer than I did.  Our reptilian friend was backed up against the garage door and I didn’t feel like threatening it.  Not today!!!!  If you want a closer look, click to enlarge.  Namaste’