For me, the word EXQUISITE conjures up feelings, not images and yet this image does it for me … feelings that anything is possible if we can achieve our own balance.

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’


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Anybody see anything unusual in this image?  When you find it, be sure to comment.  Namaste’


Moving and Random Totem

Wow! Today on my way to my Mom’s to pack her place up, I saw this totem out in the desert.  I have no idea who built it or how it got there, but it looks really heavy and yes, those are real rocks.  No, I didn’t push on it to see if it would fall over 🙂  The other photo is what moving looks like for two 88 year old people.  That walker in the picture is one that my Mom said (just a few years ago) she would never use.  And now she can’t go anywhere without it.  God bless her.

Our weather today is one of those days – the kind that all the snowbirds come here to experience.  Even though my physical body is exhausted, I feel richly blessed in so many ways.  Namaste.