New Beginnings

So much is said about a new year … out with the old; in with the new; resolutions (that hardly anyone keeps, including me); new thinking; new solutions; new questions, etc.  That’s all good because it gives people hope to start anew.

My hope is that we ask more questions, that we cultivate new friendships while renewing our current ones, that we become more sincere, kinder, more compassionate, more connected with each other.

My hope is that we finally “get it” that we are all one, part of a larger picture than what we see on our electronic devices.  It concerns me that people spend so much time in front of a television set or YouTube watching reality shows that really have nothing to do with reality.  Are we that unhappy with our own lives that we have to pin ourselves to others’ crazy crap?

We are the creators of our own lives and that I know for sure.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that our thoughts lead to feelings … so please choose the good ones.  Good feelings naturally attract more good stuff in our lives.  It’s as simple as having a negative thought and replacing it with a question “What if everything worked out for the highest good?”  Try that one on for size!  It works for me and it can work for all of us.

As for 2014, I plan to cultivate some new friendships.  Just something I want to do.

And speaking of that, this photo is of my Funky Monkey (the pink one) and Socks (my friend Bonnie’s monkey).  Socks came to visit us with Bonnie and her hubby, who had been on a two-month road trip across the U.S.  Socks had his photo taken in some amazing places, including the Alamo.  What fun he had!  I heard that he even tasted some gumbo while in New Orleans 🙂

Be well, my friends.  Make it an amazing 2014.  You deserve it.  Namaste’

New friends


Funky Monkey’s New Friend

It seems I have carpel tunnel in my left hand, so I decided to try a little therapy.  And as it turns out, my new therapy is Funky Monkey Muse’s new friend.  I’m going to call him Chuckles because Smiley is way too cliche’.  Ha!  I squeeze Chuckles every night to keep all things important working in my hand.  Maybe I should call him Giggles.  (I could have sworn I heard him do that last night).

I’ve been kind of under the weather the past few days so I haven’t taken Funky Monkey Muse on any adventures but I will soon.  I did learn that my friend Bonnie’s sock monkey, “Socks” is looking for a girlfriend.  Could be a romance blooming soon.  Stay tuned.  I’ll fill you in on all the latest gossip as it unfolds.  Namaste’