I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love going to the beach. Being near the ocean always has a calming effect for me. 

This image is one I took a while back on a particularly beautiful day in Lincoln City, Oregon. I decided to give it a moody look using the Prisma app (my favorite one … this week). Ha!

The light coming through the pier seems to say, “explore … come closer.” So I did. I walked the beach and soothed my soul.

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’


Young at Heart

The Daily Post prompt today posed a question about how we will stay young at heart and our thoughts on aging. In answer to those questions, here’s my take on aging: I’m as young as I feel. True. Some days I feel younger than I am in human years. My soul is ageless; eternal. For that I’m so grateful. Can we fight the aging process? Sure. There are face lifts, tummy tucks, eyelid lifts, etc. Have I done any of those? No. And I won’t. But I will still color my hair and get my nails done. I might even get a tattoo (on my bucket list). My physical body is aging. That’s OK. It’s a natural process. As long as I feel healthy (and I thank God every day that I am), I will embrace the aging process.

As for staying young at heart, well, instead of words, here’s me “stirring the pot,” being silly and having fun. Adventures like this keep me young at heart … Thanks, Patty! (Inside joke).

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’


New Age Wine and Our Galactic Family

For several years now I’ve been following some information about whether we’re alone here on planet Earth … or not.  In some circles I’m referred to as a “new ager” and that’s OK.  Call me whatever you want but I believe we’re absolutely headed for a new age.  It seems to me that we can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing to our beloved planet and to each other for much longer.

For those who believe that Earth is just a rock with no soul or spirit of her own, you might want to stop reading now.  For the rest of you, take 18 minutes to check out the video link below the photo. This video gives some insight about who we are and what’s going to happen. It may shock you; it may not.  I welcome any comments you might have on this subject.

My photo for the day is a bottle of wine that I thought was pretty cool, so I shot the picture.  Seems I’m not the only one thinking of New Age.  The photo shows the painting of the woman, which is on the inside of the bottle and the words are on the outside.  It’s an Argentine wine that tastes of chardonnay and pinot grigio.

See the video:



Sunday Soul Collage

Today’s photo is a collage of some of my faves.  Having a gazillion (OK, a slight exaggeration) photos on my computer can sometimes lend itself to some creativity, so here’s my Sunday Soul Collage.  Some of these I took long before I started the 366 project.

WS and I went out to dinner and we both blew our new eating plan all to hell.  He had Veal Piccata and I had the Chef’s special pasta, bread & butter, and a fabulous glass of Merlot …. mmm … to die for!  We won’t even talk about dessert; I’m not fessin’ up to that!  But I have to say it was good for the soul.  Back to normal eating plan tomorrow.