An Open Letter to Forgiveness

Dear Forgiveness,

You’re giving me such a hard time right now.  My ego says “That person hurt you and someone you love!  Don’t let ’em get away with that!  You have a right to be angry and upset.”

Then there’s YOU who says, “Never does the human soul appear so strong and noble as when it forgoes revenge and dares to forgive injury.“   (Edwin Hubbel Chapin Universalist minister, author)

I guess I’ll try and remember that and, for your sake and mine, I will not send the nasty letter I was going to send.  But I think I’ll write it anyway, just to get it off my chest. Then I’ll probably burn it.

Is that bad?


My Blog is Pro-God

With all the hoopla about the atheists having their own monument next to the 10 Commandments, I just wanted to say something.  I really don’t care that there are all kinds of religions, all kinds of people who believe in God or not, or all kinds of people who are neutral.  In my book, it’s all OK.

We are all created by the same Creator and my personal belief is that is God.  And I also believe God gave all of us free will.  And, well, that’s what has gotten us into trouble sometimes.  And then other times, we have chosen to do the right thing, help one another, forgive, and share what we have.

So, in the spirit of all that, if you don’t believe in God, then you probably won’t want to watch this video.  Namaste’

Say a Prayer, Send Love and Light

The east coast of the U.S. is under siege from hurricane Sandy.  Please say a prayer and send your highest light and love to all those living in that area.  Many are evacuated as this crazy storm comes ashore.  Some will be homeless and many may be without the basics, including electricity and water for weeks to come.  God bless them all.

Today’s photo is of the moon last night with some obvious Halloween embellishments.  Namaste’


To the Families …

Instead of the post I had planned for today, I bought a bouquet of flowers in honor of the Aurora CO victims and their families.

I will pray for your family during this difficult time.  I will ask God to give you comfort, strength, and peace.  

You Have the Power to Take Away Someone’s Happiness …

“You have the power to take away someone’s happiness by refusing to forgive.  That someone is you.”  Alan Cohen said that and I believe it’s true.  It seems that a lot of “stuff” is coming up these days.  Stuff that needs to be cleared out, cleaned up, old baggage dumped … forgiven.  Part of any act of forgiveness is forgiving ourselves (as well as the other party) for whatever our part in the situation was.  Forgiveness is enlightening and empowering.

Today’s image is one of my Lilies of the World.  The bouquet is starting to wither but the blooms brought such loveliness and created some great photo ops.  On this one I used a combination of natural and incandescent light.  I’ve always enjoyed photographing flowers.  Blooms don’t blink 😉 and I’m grateful for that.  Namaste’

To All Moms Everywhere

For all of the Moms all over the world … may your day be full of joy, love and fun with your loved ones.  Allow yourself to feel special because you ARE.  God bless you all!

Thanks and Other Thoughts

Today’s post is simply to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the faithful readers of the Regina Chronicles 366.  So aside from my new photo of the day, I’m reposting this one to express my gratitude:

I truly enjoy reading the other blogs I’m subscribed to.  There is so much talent and insight out there.  I can feel the consciousness shifting to higher levels every day and am proud to be part of this community of photographers and bloggers.  I may not have the gifts that you have and you may not have the gifts that I have, but together we make up, along with our brothers and sisters, the whole … the One.  Each of us is worthy. So even if we’re a different color, speak a different language, or have different religious beliefs, we all share at least one thing … Love.

Today’s photo is the last of my sunflower bouquet.  It gives a visual to me of what we all are.  Namaste.

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