Steel Stallion

I love horses and wish I had the room to have several (the living, breathing kind).  But I don’t, so I’ll just have to settle for this kind for now.

The sculptor of this life-size piece has a gallery in Tubac, AZ, which my daughter and I visited while she was here at Christmas.  It’s a wonderful, magical place, full of art of all kinds.  I could literally spend days there going from shop to shop.

I call this image Steel Stallion.  Namaste’


The Stallion

Mutual Love

Just had to add one more post for today with this photo. It’s the owner of the horse ranch that I visited today with her stallion.  He’s beautiful and, as you can see, is crazy about his owner.  She loves him just as much.  She raised him from a colt and for being a stallion, he was just as gentle with us (who were strangers to him) than he is with her.