Off and Running

OK, gang, I’m off and running somewhere.  Can’t say where but will post pictures when I get back.  In the meantime, enjoy the moon that snuck up on me the other night from behind the storm clouds. I barely had time to run in the house for my camera, the clouds were moving so fast. I decided to make it my header for a while. 

You know me … I like to change it up now and then. Namaste’



Storm Clouds Brewing

I think our heat wave has subsided – at least for a while.  Yesterday we were under 100 and right now it’s raining in the desert again.  I just love it!  Hubby pulled the car out of the garage to get the “mother nature” car wash.

But this morning before it all started I spotted this view from the back yard.  Storm clouds brewing.  The light was rather strange though … not our typical morning light, even with clouds.  If you look closely at the top of the cloud, you can make out a clown face.  Clowns scare me!!!  Namaste’

Window in the Clouds

Soooooo hot today … 106 reading on the car on my way home from an appointment this afternoon.  I’m going to be a hospice volunteer and met with a wonderful woman today for my interview.  The first experience I’ve ever had with hospice was when my brother passed.  He only stayed in their inpatient facility for one night and passed the next morning, but they treated all of us with such grace, care and concern.  They made us feel like he was the most important person in the world.

So I’m going to do my best to live up to their mission of providing superior care to those I will be assisting.  End of life is such a sacred time.

The photo I took on my way home seems somehow appropriate for today.  To me it looks like a window in the clouds.  Could it be my window of opportunity to be of help to others? Namaste’

Shining Through

When I woke up this morning there was not a cloud that I could see.  Since about 10:30 a.m. we’ve had some pretty hefty thunderstorms.  I probably won’t complain about not having any rain for a while 🙂

WS loves bright blue skies and sunshine and I do, too, but some days I just like to have this for a change.  I think it provides a nice contrast and isn’t that what life’s about sometimes?Namaste’

Break in the Storm Clouds


High-Drama Sunset Again

Just had to get out there with my camera after this evening’s storm.  Lots of thunder, lightning, and tons of rain, but just after it started clearing, I got this.  Straight from the camera.  All I did was add the frame. You can see the ribbon of water still standing on the lower left. Thank you, Mother Nature.  Namaste’

Storm Clouds and Me

I’ve always had my head in the clouds.  Ever since I was a kid growing up in Kansas, I would watch the sky in the summertime and loved to see the big storm clouds roll in.  My Grandpa and I would sit on the front porch swing and name the things we saw in the clouds.  We had such a good time doing that.

Then one summer in 1959 a tornado came through our lovely little town and tore my grandparents’ house all to pieces.  They were so lucky to make it to the basement before the roof was torn off and the rain came in and ruined anything that was left.  The porch swing Grandpa and I would swing on was found two blocks away on top of the Liberty Theater. I remember my grandmother being totally terrorized by that storm.  So now I watch the clouds and when I see dark ones like this, I remember that time.  I’m still grateful that no lives were lost.  I was lucky to have both of my grandparents well into their 80’s.

These clouds gathered around here and looked rather menacing but didn’t  product much rain at all.  At this point though, we’ll take every drop we can get.  Namaste’