Blurred Vision

I had taken another photo this morning but when this rogue storm showed up not long ago, I decided to get a picture of our patio.  This is what it looks like when the rain comes down in a deluge.  Our screened-in patio makes for blurred vision.

When this storm started, it was raining on the back half of the house and the front was perfectly dry.  That didn’t last long.  The wind screamed (we had one microburst), but at least this time, the window to my office stayed intact.

The desert got a large drink of water today.  Namaste’


A River Runs Through Us

OK, well maybe it’s not a river but it looked like it was going to get there.  Another day of thunderstorms and some more glorious rain.  WS (Wonderful Spouse) doesn’t like the fact that when it has rained lately, it comes down so hard and so fast that it rearranges the landscape.  I encouraged him to just let it be until the summer storms are over.

When I noticed the new “river” flowing through the property, I also noticed the misty Tortolita mountains in the background.  When there’s bright sun, you can’t see the different levels of them.  Tucson is surrounded by mountains and I love mountains!  Now I just wish I could send some of this wonderful rain to parts of the world where they are needing it so much.  Namaste’

Smell the Rain; Feel the Wind

Today was the day!  The first time it rained here in I don’t know how long.  Seems like forever.  I watched the clouds form this morning as I set out to visit my Mom.  By the time we had lunch, visited for a while and I was about to leave, I thought I saw lightning.  Sure did!  The clouds had come in full force, the wind was blowing, the thunder was rolling and I could smell the rain the minute I walked outside.  Am I excited???? Yes!  I love the summer rains here in the desert.  So my pictures for the day are (1) our patio just as the rain started in and (2) the wall of water forming to the west from our house.  I hate those power lines in a picture but they keep the lights on and the internet connected 🙂

(Thanks, Kathryn, for sending the rain all the way over from England). LOL. I didn’t have to do that rain dance after all.  Happy dance instead.  Namaste’



Bus Stop

Today’s photos came from a bus stop that I passed and had never really noticed before.  It was so interesting once I got closer and really looked at it.  It tells the story of our summer monsoon season, which normally begins in early July.  We get afternoon thunderstorms that sometimes last well into the evening.  Lots of crazy lightning and thunder and torrential rains at times.  By the time the season rolls around, we’re all so excited because June is normally 100 degrees or above every day and we’re praying for rain.  (Note to Self:  Go somewhere cool this summer).

Click images to enlarge.  Namaste’

The blue mosaic tiles show the water flow:

The close-up here is of the “windows” showing the old adobe homes backed up against the mountains:

This one depicts the lightning strikes, the rain, and the stars, including a falling star on the right: