The Only Kind of Drama I Want

Years ago when my son was visiting us in Tucson from Seattle, he named our sunsets “high drama.” I thought that was a perfect description.

(He came in the summer … what was he thinking? LOL)

This particular image was one I took that ranks near the top of my list of high drama sunsets. I probably have at least a hundred sunset images (I’m a bit of a fanatic). Of course you all knew that already, right? ūüôā

The summer monsoon season in southern AZ creates dynamic energy and masterpieces in the sky. I feel grateful to have been a witness to so many.

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’


Coming Home

I’m a big fan of K. D. Lang. My favorite song of hers is Coming Home.

When I hear it, I get a lump in my throat because it makes me think of coming home to Tucson. I do love that place! It has always felt like home.

The warm weather, the Catalina mountains, the sentinels of the desert known as Saguaros, the friendly people, the streets I used to drive to see my Mom, the high-drama sunsets, monsoon season … all combined to make it my home.



Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

Palm Trees and Pink Sky

03-04-17palmtreesIt’s not a secret that it’s been a rough winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Today is no exception and I’m more than ready for Spring to spring into action. Come on! Tell the rain gods to high-tail it out of here!!!!

This image is one I really like because I took it while at my friend’s house in Palm Springs.¬†Give me some warm air, palm trees and pink sky!!!!

Have a great rest of your weekend. Namaste’


A Rare Sight

It’s a rare sight around here to be able to photograph the sun.¬† There was just enough cloud cover last night to let it shine through without burning my eyes (I hope).¬† Today is all about indoor activities, like cleaning out some files, because we’re supposed to hit 113 or higher today.

I heard that Las Vegas, where it will be even hotter than us, has set up temporary cooling stations around the city and in Henderson.¬† Bravo for you guys!¬† It might save some folks from heat stroke, especially the homeless.¬† Stay cool … namaste’


Before the Rain

The weather reports all say we’re supposed to have some big rain tonight and tomorrow. ¬†I’m ready. ¬†As far as I’m concerned, we never get enough. This photo was taken in my back yard as the sun started to peek under the early evening clouds. I hope the birds have some place nice and warm and dry when the rains come.

Sometimes the light just plays perfectly for the camera and the subject. ¬†This was one of those times. ¬†Namaste’


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This week’s photo challenge from Word Press is BEYOND. ¬†This image might make one wonder what’s beyond that rainbow. ¬†Perhaps the second rainbow? ¬†Or is there really a pot of gold? ¬†I took this last summer during one of our monsoon rains. ¬†I look forward to that every year. ¬†It always brings some new photographic adventures for me.

I don’t know if I’ll take on the challenge every week but I might. ¬†Guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out. ¬†Namaste’ and have a blessed weekend.


Complimentary Sunsets

I just had to post tonight’s sunset … compliments of mother nature. ¬†Click any photo to enlarge. Namaste’

High-Drama Sunset Again

Just had to get out there with my camera after this evening’s storm. ¬†Lots of thunder, lightning, and tons of rain, but just after it started clearing, I got this. ¬†Straight from the camera. ¬†All I did was add the frame. You can see the ribbon of water still standing on the lower left. Thank you, Mother Nature. ¬†Namaste’

Let the Magic Commence

Tonight I waited for a while to see what would show up even though I had already taken my shot for today. ¬†I’m glad that I waited. ¬†My favorite time of day is when the sun starts to sink in the sky, creating a magical dreamscape with the clouds. ¬†The sun sets; the moon rises. ¬†And the palm tree got a haircut! ¬†Well, that’s not so romantic but I know she doesn’t feel so shaggy and I imagine she can feel more of the breeze now.

Goodnight, all you beautiful people. ¬†Namaste’


Last Sunset


I meant to post this yesterday but got caught up in efforts to save the donkeys from the roping competition in Van Horn, TX, and I’m happy to say that all of our combined efforts worked. ¬†Take a look:

A while back I posted a picture of a eucalyptus tree in our back yard that was dying. ¬†At one time it was so beautiful and gave such great shade, but alas, no more. ¬†This is the farewell image; the last time the sun set on our tree. ¬†They came to cut it down and now it’s firewood. ¬†But we asked it to remove its spirit and transfer its energy somewhere else before the chain saws started in. ¬†Bittersweet. ¬†Namaste’

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