The Only Kind of Drama I Want

Years ago when my son was visiting us in Tucson from Seattle, he named our sunsets “high drama.” I thought that was a perfect description.

(He came in the summer … what was he thinking? LOL)

This particular image was one I took that ranks near the top of my list of high drama sunsets. I probably have at least a hundred sunset images (I’m a bit of a fanatic). Of course you all knew that already, right? ūüôā

The summer monsoon season in southern AZ creates dynamic energy and masterpieces in the sky. I feel grateful to have been a witness to so many.

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’



Coming Home

I’m a big fan of K. D. Lang. My favorite song of hers is Coming Home.

When I hear it, I get a lump in my throat because it makes me think of coming home to Tucson. I do love that place! It has always felt like home.

The warm weather, the Catalina mountains, the sentinels of the desert known as Saguaros, the friendly people, the streets I used to drive to see my Mom, the high-drama sunsets, monsoon season … all combined to make it my home.



Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

Palm Trees and Pink Sky

03-04-17palmtreesIt’s not a secret that it’s been a rough winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Today is no exception and I’m more than ready for Spring to spring into action. Come on! Tell the rain gods to high-tail it out of here!!!!

This image is one I really like because I took it while at my friend’s house in Palm Springs.¬†Give me some warm air, palm trees and pink sky!!!!

Have a great rest of your weekend. Namaste’


A Rare Sight

It’s a rare sight around here to be able to photograph the sun.¬† There was just enough cloud cover last night to let it shine through without burning my eyes (I hope).¬† Today is all about indoor activities, like cleaning out some files, because we’re supposed to hit 113 or higher today.

I heard that Las Vegas, where it will be even hotter than us, has set up temporary cooling stations around the city and in Henderson.¬† Bravo for you guys!¬† It might save some folks from heat stroke, especially the homeless.¬† Stay cool … namaste’


Before the Rain

The weather reports all say we’re supposed to have some big rain tonight and tomorrow. ¬†I’m ready. ¬†As far as I’m concerned, we never get enough. This photo was taken in my back yard as the sun started to peek under the early evening clouds. I hope the birds have some place nice and warm and dry when the rains come.

Sometimes the light just plays perfectly for the camera and the subject. ¬†This was one of those times. ¬†Namaste’


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This week’s photo challenge from Word Press is BEYOND. ¬†This image might make one wonder what’s beyond that rainbow. ¬†Perhaps the second rainbow? ¬†Or is there really a pot of gold? ¬†I took this last summer during one of our monsoon rains. ¬†I look forward to that every year. ¬†It always brings some new photographic adventures for me.

I don’t know if I’ll take on the challenge every week but I might. ¬†Guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out. ¬†Namaste’ and have a blessed weekend.


Complimentary Sunsets

I just had to post tonight’s sunset … compliments of mother nature. ¬†Click any photo to enlarge. Namaste’