American Hero

I find it difficult to see a parade honoring football players for winning the Super Bowl, when there are casualties of war taking place on a daily basis.  Where are the parades for the real heroes?  Something to think about.

Today’s pictures are of a true American hero.  Her name is Sam Williams Huff, killed in action in Iraq in April,2005.  I didn’t know Sam personally but have come to be friends with her father, Bob, who was in the grief support group I attended after losing my brother in 2010.  Bob is a retired (after 25 years) police officer and now devotes his time to composing and playing beautiful music.

This image is a collage I created for him in memory of his beautiful daughter and his wife, Maggie, whom he lost not long after Sam:

Huff Family collage

Today as I was leaving a parking lot, I turned to the right to look for oncoming traffic and saw this sign, which is what  inspired me to share this particular post today.  Sam must be looking down on all of us, sending us love and light.  I believe our loved ones, our angels, do that – all we have to do is think of them and they’re instantly in our hearts.

In Honor of Sam

God bless us all … in this dimension and others. Namaste.


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