Steel Stallion

I love horses and wish I had the room to have several (the living, breathing kind).  But I don’t, so I’ll just have to settle for this kind for now.

The sculptor of this life-size piece has a gallery in Tubac, AZ, which my daughter and I visited while she was here at Christmas.  It’s a wonderful, magical place, full of art of all kinds.  I could literally spend days there going from shop to shop.

I call this image Steel Stallion.  Namaste’

Just for Fun

This image is one I took of a sculpture while hubby and I were in Tubac recently.  I did some post-processing just for fun.  When I took the shot, there was no way to eliminate a busy background, so I had to do it manually in an editing program.

The tortoise seems to be saying “Hey Dude!  Am I cool or what?”   Namaste’


Red Foxy

Well, as all of my readers know by now, it’s no secret that I love chocolate.  So while we were in Tubac being tourists, we just happened to find Red Fox fudge.  And since I can’t stand to NOT take pictures, I snapped this one of the box of fudge.  Hubby had some ice cream, too.  No wonder our clothes are all too tight – LOL!

Side note:  The first time I went to New Orleans, I discovered beignets and all of the other wonderful foods that punctuate that city.  I was there for a week and at the end of the week had to attend a formal dinner.  Oops!  The dress I had brought to wear was ever so snug by the time I ate my way through New Orleans.  I had to call for help to get it zipped and I’m not kidding. But I had the time of my life and never regretted having to sit through that dinner holding my stomach in.  Ha!

As you might notice in the photo, I took the liberty of changing the name to Red Foxy from Red Fox.  Just thought it was fun and I did it cause I could 🙂  Namaste’


Number 440

Wow! I just haven’t looked at my blog stats lately.  But today is my 440th post.  Shezam!  When I started the 366 project at the beginning of 2012, I knew it would add up quickly.  And it sure did.  Seems that time is flying by. I didn’t realize how many posts I had done before last year either. So right now I’m reaching around to pat myself on the back 🙂

I was without my computer for a couple of days and it felt weird.  But the repair guy assures me that all is well and my hard drive is NOT dying.  Ha!  I think I’ll still find a way to back up all my photos.  I’d love to hear from you guys what you use to back up your files and photos.  I’m certainly open to suggestions.

Today’s pic is another from our visit to Tubac.  It’s a wall sculpture that I found to be particularly unique.  Namaste’


Iron Horse

When hubby’s twin sister was here visiting, we decided to go to Tubac AZ.  It’s a wonderful artist community where you can find original works of art of all genres and some really great restaurants, too. I love it there and if I was wealthy, I would buy something from every store 🙂  All of the shop owners and artists we met were so nice and helpful with information about their offerings.  If you’re ever in southern Arizona and want to spend a lovely day, Tubac is the place to go.  Just don’t do it in the summer; way too hot!

The photo is of a horse and his sidekick, complete with sombrero and guitar, that I spied along one of the streets.  This particular piece was priced at $3800. Sounds pricey but the work that went into this had to be huge.

I’ll be adding more photos from our visit there as time goes on.  Namaste’

Kissing A Toad in Tubac

Today I played hooky from everything and went to Tubac with my neighbor.  We shopped, had a wonderful lunch outdoors on the patio of a very good Mexican restaurant, walked a lot and took in all the sights.  Tubac is a mecca for artists, sculptors, musicians, native American jewelry, and some wonderful metal sculptures from a new gallery that I hadn’t see before. Today’s photos are all from one gallery.  I’d like to have them all.

Is it true that a girl has to kiss a lot of toads before she finds her prince?  See below to find out.  Namaste.

Life Size Black Wire Horse
Painted Steel Stallion


No, He Didn't Turn into a Prince! (But I already have one anyway)



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