TBT – Model A

This is REALLY a throwback Thursday for me. When Daisy and I were out walking the other day, I noticed this vintage (some would say antique) Model A  Ford tucked away in a driveway.

I wanted to talk to the owner of this wonderful old car but no one was around. So I photographed it with my phone camera. After I did that, I simply stood there and remembered the times my Grandpa would come driving home after a hard day’s work at the Union Pacific Railroad in his Model A. I would hear him coming and as he turned the corner to come down our street, he would slow way down so I could hop on the running board and hitch a ride to the house.

Such sweet memories of those wonderful childhood years I had with him – a wise and loving man, indeed. I will track down the owner of this Model A and find out more about it’s history.

This one’s for you, Grandpa, with love.

oldcar Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’



Oldie or Not?

I couldn’t resist getting this shot today as I pulled into the parking lot of a store.  When I realized how many cars were actually in the parking lot, I decided to get the heck out of there, thinking about the long lines inside at the cash registers.  Did I mention that I absolutely despise Christmas shopping?

Anyway, below is the car.  I believe it’s a vintage Ford because it has our state’s classic license plate, reserved for cars manufactured at least 25 years ago.  I think this one qualifies.

Almost to the end of our 366 project.  Can’t wait to see how my fellow 366’ers finish up this year.  Namaste’


Oh, Those Old Ones

Good Old Days of Cars

This is a t-shirt that my husband wore today (he loves t-shirts) and I think it deserves a place in the Regina Chronicles 366 Project.  We’re kind of fascinated with vintage cars, even though we don’t own any.  I imagine these were the muscle cars of days gone by.  Just picture yourself driving one of these down the highway.  Yes!

There’s a car show this weekend so we’ll be there and lots of photos will be taken, so I’ll be posting more next week. Notice the name of the street in the photo below:

'93 Cadillac Coupe deVille, complete with opera lights. She was a dream to drive.

As always, click the images to enlarge. Namaste!

(BTW, he was wearing the shirt when I took the picture).  He’s such a good sport 🙂