I almost didn’t think we were going to get any rain today … promises, promises … from Mr. Weatherman.  But lo and behold, when I got home from visiting with Mom, there were the puddles.  I missed all the action (it wasn’t raining at all at Mom’s) but at least I got these.  Didn’t even have to do a rain dance 🙂 Hope your Saturday has been good; really good.  Namaste’



I Want to Be More Like Matt

There’s this really cool guy out there, traveling the world, breaking down barriers through humor, love and dance.  Take a look:  The Unstoppable Matt

As for today’s photo, a little Friday humor is in order.  This is called “Getting My Ducks in a Row.”  The weatherman says we might get some rain this weekend.  Color me as happy as these ducks!

I’m off to get a cup of  java now. Happy Friday and Namaste’