Just One More

I’ve finished all the editing now of the wedding photos I took and whew! What a job.  I’m only going to post this one more of the bride.

When I was editing, I felt that the look on her face symbolized the feeling that all brides must have right before they take the walk down the aisle … what do you think she’s thinking?  Feel free to weigh in and tell me your thoughts.  Namaste’



Mr. and Mrs. Long

A few days ago I posted about the tornado that ripped through my grandparents’ home in Kansas.  They have been on my mind lately, maybe because of the summer storms here that remind me of the ones I grew up with back then.

Well, here they are … my maternal grandparents, Catherine and Frank Long.  In my opinion, they were two of the most wonderful people who ever walked through this world.  Everyone in town knew Mr. & Mrs. Long.  Grandma would walk uptown, wearing a hat and gloves and Grandpa always wore his fedora when he went out anywhere. He worked for the Union Pacific railroad as a master electrician for 45 years!!!!  When I stayed at their house, I would wait to hear Grandpa’s Ford Model A come down the street, then run out to meet him as he pulled in.  He used that old car to drive back and forth to work and I thought it was just awesome!  Once in a while he would let me ride on the running board and say, “Don’t tell Grandma.”  Grandma was always the one who held the Long family together and she had a pretty strict set of rules.  She never worked and never drove a car, but she was the world champion 🙂 when it came to back-seat driving.  Yet Grandpa was so patient with her.

The story goes that Grandma’s parents owned a boarding house in Omaha and Grandpa was renting a room there while on his job away from home.  He saw Grandma playing the piano in the parlor and made up his mind that he would court her and marry her one day.  He did, and they were married for 55 years when he passed away.

Marysville, KS was only 4,000 people and still is, I believe.  I haven’t been back there since my grandmother passed away, but I will always have such loving memories of these two and be grateful for what they brought to my life.  I wish every child could have grandparents like mine.  It would be a better world indeed.

The small picture on the bottom right is the day they were married in Granger, Iowa.   I don’t have the date for either of these photos, so I need to do some research on that.  Namaste’