Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

This week’s photo challenge is just what the title says … from lines to patterns.  Almost everything we see around us has some kind of pattern or lines.  That is, if you look closely enough.  Here’s a few that I have taken in the past that I think fit the bill.

Hubby and I are off to a classic car show tomorrow.  I’ll have pictures, of course, when I get back.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Namaste’


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

This week’s photo challenge was interesting.  Not hard to find signs everywhere; just hard to find signs that are unique.  So I decided to re-visit some of the ones I took  during my 366 project last year.  Sure brought back some funny memories and what I had to do to get some of these shots.  Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend.  Namaste’

calm-goddess.jpg 01.20.13.cookie12.16.12.husbandforsale12.16.12.cooking11-03-12-sign

it really does hang upside down
it really does hang upside down

blahAir Force One sign

Just Sayin' ...
Just Sayin’ …
Where would YOU go?
Where would YOU go?