Us Women and Our Lineage

Today is my mother’s 89th birthday, so instead of posting a photo that I took today, I thought I would pay tribute to her by posting a photo of her, then me, then my daughter, and last but certainly not least, my granddaughter, the lovely Annabelle.  I took Mom some flowers today.  I think it’s important to give and receive flowers while we’re still here to enjoy them.

Namaste, Mom, and Happy Birthday!

My Mom, Mary Catherine
Yours Truly
My Daughter, Michele
My Granddaughter, Annabelle

Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

11 thoughts on “Us Women and Our Lineage”

  1. Great posting Gina. Love the photos of 4 generations. And you look great.
    A wonderful tribute to your Mom. And after all these years, I never knew her middle name was Catherine. Thanks for all you do. Much Love


  2. Thanks for the photos Aunt Gina! It is great to see all of my relatives…the ones I have seen recently, not so recently and never. Annabelle is a beautiful grand-daughter! Tell them all I say hello and God bless!


    1. Thanks, my dear Dan! I didn’t know you were following my blog but I’m honored that you are. I will tell them hello for you. Maybe one of these days we can ALL get together. Wouldn’t that be some kind of reunion? Love you tons!


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