Happy Haunting!

Happy Haunting, everyone!  Today is a collection of photos I’ve done this year and last year in honor of Halloween.  Just click to see them larger.  Be safe and don’t get tricked, just treated.  Happy Birthday to my Dad and hubby’s Mom, both born on this day and both departed.  We miss you and love you.  Namaste’

Spooky Is the Word of the Day

I have the coolest neighbors!  They decorated their front yard for Halloween and were gracious enough to allow me to shoot some photos of their “guests.”  These kids are so creative how they put it all together.  So here they are … the kids and some of their ghoulish guests.  Happy Day Before Halloween!  Be sure to come to my house for some treats … no tricks please 🙂 Namaste’


Say a Prayer, Send Love and Light

The east coast of the U.S. is under siege from hurricane Sandy.  Please say a prayer and send your highest light and love to all those living in that area.  Many are evacuated as this crazy storm comes ashore.  Some will be homeless and many may be without the basics, including electricity and water for weeks to come.  God bless them all.

Today’s photo is of the moon last night with some obvious Halloween embellishments.  Namaste’


All Things Autumn and Halloween

OK, folks, between now and Oct. 31, which is Halloween and my dear departed Dad’s birthday, my posts will be either whimsical Halloween, ghoulish or all about Autumn, which is my favorite season.  Stay tuned.  Today’s photo is of a decoration I have on the door.  Nothing ghoulish about this one, but just wait.  Namaste’

Birds of Prey

Today’s photo is of a couple of Harris hawks (are they really a couple?) calmly looking for their next meal.  I thought they would make a good subject for Halloween, so I added a couple of special effects.  Let the “haunting” begin.  Namaste’

Only 15 Cents!

Today’s photo is of my bathtub.  I got this bath rug a while back and decided it’s new home should be in the tub; at least until I decide to get in.  It reminds me of the old western movies where the cowboy took a bath in the boarding house and had a rather voluptuous woman pouring in the hot water.  Does anyone besides me remember those movies?


Strange Reflection

There’s a bank downtown that has the oddest angle to the front of the building … it’s at least at 45 degrees as you can see by the car coming into the driveway … and it’s mirrored.  I wonder who has to wash these windows!  Sure glad it’s not me.  I got dizzy just taking this shot.  What do you think?  Namaste.