The previous post was supposed to be this: Again, I believe that we are not along in this universe.  What say you?  Namaste’ Advertisements

Yum Is An Understatement

Hubby has the best boss on the planet.  She knows what people like, that’s for sure.  Besides money, that is 🙂  Take a look at the chocolate covered strawberries that she sent to all employees for their semi-annual meeting.  A few of the recruiters (including hubby) are virtual and work at home, so yesterday these…

Amazing or Not?

When I saw this amazing video, I realized I just had to post it.  Namaste’


Anybody see anything unusual in this image?  When you find it, be sure to comment.  Namaste’

If This Truck Could Talk

First of all, thanks SO MUCH to all of you who sent good wishes to hubby.  He is doing much, much better and we are so grateful.  No more taking anything for granted.  In fact, I even have a new app on my phone … Gratitude Journal … which gives me a prompt every day…

All Hooked Up and No Place To Go

Dear Readers: Thanks for all the well wishes for my dear hubby.  Today was spent in the E.R. finding out what was going on with his nausea and other icky symptoms.  First they said it was a stomach flu and then the final diagnosis was something else, but fortunately, nothing life threatening.  I’m not sure…

Mirror of Your Thoughts

“Reality is the mirror of your thoughts. Choose well what you put in front of the mirror.” ~ Remez Sasson Obviously I didn’t take this picture, but I really think it says a lot.  Actually no words are needed. Hubby isn’t feeling well so I’m making this short.  Namaste’  

It’s Sprung!

That old saying “Spring has Sprung” is certainly true around the old pueblo.  Spring wildflowers abound and lots of yard plants are blooming.  I was walking the other day and decided to get some new pics for my phone. This picture is a form of aloe vera I believe, that blooms in orange and yellow….

Sometimes we forget how much we are loved. Maybe this will serve as a reminder. Namaste’

16 Today

It’s my grandson’s 16th birthday today and it’s difficult for me to process that this much time has gone by already.  I didn’t take the top picture of him because he’s in California.  We may be separated by miles but not by memories.  Thought I’d share this handsome young man with all of you.  I…