Leap into Life

Along the Path

Today’s photo is of wildflowers that forged their way into life through a crack in the pavement next to a wall. Maybe they “leaped into life.”

It seems that today, since it’s Leap Day, would be a good day to describe my leap into life.

It’s my personal belief that I chose to incarnate at this time and this place … Earth.  I came here to love, be loved and to contribute my God-given gifts to the world.  We all have them. And we all have egos.  It’s the ego that tells us we’re separate from our creator and each other.  Am I susceptible to the ego?  Sure am.

Back to my leap. Why else am I here?  I wrote a poem many years ago that answers that question for me.  The inspiration and words came directly from Spirit. It’s just that actually living by these words every day is the challenge my ego presents.  Egos aren’t all bad, though. They’re also in place to help us recognize and make choices about our personal baggage.  This leap year is a good time to dump that old baggage, yes?  I’m working on it.  And I think that’s good enough.  I have to keep telling myself that it’s good enough for right now in this moment, as long as I make conscious choices … and as long as my intentions are for the highest and best of all concerned.


Give something away every day …
Smiles, blessings, hugs … someone else needs them and you’ll get them back tenfold.

Expect goodness …
People usually live up to what you expect of them.

Learn all you can about nature in all its radiance …
You are part of it; spend some time in it every day.

Laughter is good for the soul …
Find something to laugh about or someone to laugh with at least once a day.

Receive all that is yours by Divine right with grace and gratitude …
God still holds you in the palm of His hand.

Be yourself …
You are like no other and possess great gifts to share with the world.

Love yourself first …
You can’t truly love another until you do.

Speak your truth …
Walk your talk.

Forgive yourself and others …
Growth is alive in the act of forgiving.

Bless your children …
Teach them love, not fear.

Live your wisdom …
The rewards will be great.

Know that you are loved and never alone …
Your Creator and His emmissaries of Light are always with you.



I Wish I Had Some Grass

From Foxy's Perspective

This life of being a desert dog is extremely hard sometimes.  I imagine dogs that live in places with lawns don’t know how good they have it … really!  I wish I had some grass.  You know, the kind that gets watered regularly and is soft and cool on the pads of my paws. Running on it would feel so good right now.  My buddy, Daisy, would like it, too, because she’s a border collie (and some kind of spaniel???) who probably could learn how to catch that Frisbee if she didn’t have to do it on rocks.

I guess I’ll just lay here and look out the gate for now.  Hmmm … no grass out there.  The dog park doesn’t have anything even close to looking or feeling like real grass.  It’s that Arizona rye grass – dry and hard and doesn’t feel very good either.  Oh well, I guess it’s one of those days … maybe I’ll get up and go beg my humans for a treat.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  See ‘ya later.

As my human Mom would say … namaste.

My Version of Windows

Before I get into today’s post and photo, I’d like to ask all of my readers to send some extra special love and light to the victims and families of today’s high school shooting in Ohio.  I can only imagine how much they need our collective good thoughts and prayers. There’s one student dead and four wounded.  The shooter is in custody. I just don’t understand this kind of behavior or what motivates someone to take anothers life.  All relationships are holy ground. Maybe this will be the year, 2012, when we all get it . . . when we all can understand that each of us is an individual expression of one Universal Mind and what we do to another, we do to ourselves.  What we do to ourselves, we do to another.  I believe it works both ways.


OK, don’t let the title fool ‘ya.  This photo is one that I’ve always wanted to stop and photograph but usually there are a zillion cars behind me and it’s too hard to pull over.  So this morning when I saw no cars, I thought “now’s my chance.”

It’s a gate that really leads to nowhere (which could translate to now here, right?)  There was supposed to be a subdivision built there but it hasn’t materialized.  I just like the look of the gates with the Catalina mountains in the background.


The Twins – Circa 1944

The Twins - circa 1944

Today’s image is of a photo collage I created for my husband and his twin sister, born twenty minutes apart.  They look like little angels, holding hands and all.

All of the photos were taken around 1944 (we think) and I just added a touch of whimsy by embellishing with hats and a bow-tie as I arranged the photos.  Some of the original images were a bit faded but the twins were pleased with the results.  Click to enlarge if you’d like to see their cute little faces up close.  As for me, I think they’re both still pretty cute 🙂  Love you guys!

(It’s difficult to take a picture of a framed picture without some glare.  Ugh!)



A Little Levity (If You Please)

Tired of trying to lose those extra pounds and inches?  Sick of those “diets of the stars” guaranteed to have you looking anorexic like them in no time?   All you need is this … just spray it on your body … (no ironing needed) and it even has a light fragrance.  OK, just had to throw in a little levity today.  With all that’s going on in the world, wouldn’t you agree that we need some fun? 🙂

Don’t we wish we really could have magic sizing in a can for our bodies?  Wow!  If somebody invents that, I might have to kiss their feet.  Maybe not.  Eeeeeewwwww!


We’ll Miss You


Well, the truth is, our tree is going fast.  A few posts back I showed how one side of this lovely tree was dying and the other side was still green.  Sorry to say I don’t see the slightest hint of green anymore.  The photo on the right shows the “sad eye.”  Can you see it?  Click to enlarge.

The good news is that there are signs of Spring everywhere.


Backlit and Bounced


Today’s photo is a combination of back lighting and bounce flash.  It’s also the last of my roses.  This one just didn’t open up fully, so I put it into a bud vase by itself.  The other 11 have all died. The thing about flowers is that they bring such joy, even if they don’t last a long time.

Time is irrelevant anyway. Namaste.