Jinx and Valerie

There’s an absolutely wonderful lady named Valerie who does some of my print processing.  She really knows how to make my photos look their best and I love her for that.

Valerie is also a fellow dog lover who rescued a deaf Great Dane named Jinx, whom I got to meet today for the first time.  He’s only seven months old and already dwarfs Valerie (as you can see) when she’s sitting down.  She says he’s truly a gentle giant and thinks he’s a lap dog.  Yikes!

Not being able to hear commands, she has taught him hand signals so that he will be safe. I got my share of Jinx doggie kisses and took lots of fun pictures.  Here are just a few.  What a lover dog!  Namaste’

Light Play

While out and about today, I parked next to some Oleander bushes and the morning light was playing with their pretty pink blooms.  I’ve heard that Oleander can be poisonous if ingested by animals.  Is it the same for people?  I’m not going to test it 🙂  I’ll stick to photographing it and then adding some special effects.  One of the shots I took of this is now my new header.  You know me … I like to change things up once in a while.

I decided to put a similar version of this one up for sale at my gallery: http://imagesbyregina.artistwebsites.com/featured/light-play-regina-arnold.html

Be well and stay blessed.  Namaste’

Shining Through

When I woke up this morning there was not a cloud that I could see.  Since about 10:30 a.m. we’ve had some pretty hefty thunderstorms.  I probably won’t complain about not having any rain for a while 🙂

WS loves bright blue skies and sunshine and I do, too, but some days I just like to have this for a change.  I think it provides a nice contrast and isn’t that what life’s about sometimes?Namaste’

Break in the Storm Clouds


The Last of Them

Last week I bought a bouquet of flowers and this one is the last of the blooms.  I decided to make it black and white and I like the way it turned out.  We’re having another rain, thunder and lightning storm right now so I’ll be brief.  Might be shutting down my computer soon.  Namaste’

Beauty in Black and White

Meet WS

OK, by now you all know who WS is, right?  Wonderful Spouse of mine, of course.  Here he is in all the get-up he uses to trim this one particular tree.  It does look really nice but it’s so stinkin’ hot outside, I wish he would wait until it cools off.  But nooooooooo.  Is it me or are men just plain stubborn when it comes to this stuff?  Click photos to enlarge.

Hope you’re having a glorious Friday.  We’re all set up to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tonight.  It might be hard to top the ones that took place in Beijing four years ago but I’m looking forward to seeing whatever it is.  I’ve heard that there’s going to be a WOW moment in the first 15 minutes tonight.  Starts at 4:30 p.m. Pacific time.  Namaste’

Leaving My Mark

How many times have we heard a saying that stuck with us for a long, long time?  Some of my favorites are:

  • Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ~ Einstein
  • You must be the change you want to see in the world ~ Gandhi
  • The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco ~ Mark Twain
  • Come to the edge, he said. They said, we are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They said, we are afraid. They came. He pushed them … and they flew. ~ Anonymous
  • What you think of me is none of my business ~ ?????
  • I want to go through life leaving my mark, but never leaving a scar. ~ Anonymous

Today’s photo reminded me of the last quote. As I was making the bed, I noticed my hand print on the blanket. So I smoothed it out, put both my hands on it, made my mark and then crazy me took a picture of it 🙂 Enough said.  Namaste’


Today’s photo is of a barrel cactus (I think) that may have mutated.  Huh?  Anyway, here it is.  Actually it has some really cool textures.  Look but don’t touch!!

Hope you all are having or have had a great day.  Namaste’