TBT – Twins

Hubby’s twin sister and her husband are coming to visit us next week. We’re all excited to see each other. It’s been too long and we always have a good time together.

This image is a collage I did for them five years ago, using pictures from an old family album. (Hubby even liked the bow tie and hat I put on him).

I had it framed for both of them, because I think it’s important to preserve family memories.

Carryl.Darryl.withhatsBe good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

Look Up

According to the stats provided by WordPress, this is my 666th post. I just didn’t want to put that number in as my title. Creepy – that whole 666 thing. Mark of the beast and all. Is it folklore? I don’t know, but I’m not taking any chances.

I came across this video posted by another blogger and I feel like it has so much merit. I, for one, am taking it to heart.

What that means for me is to unplug more. To get out with my camera more (not my phone). To go outside and have a chat with Mother Nature. To go outside and look at the sky. To just take it all in. To take a walk with my husband and my dog. To have lunch with my daughter. To have coffee with my son. To pick up the phone and call my family and friends.

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

Dancing Shoes

signed-forprintsPut on your dancing shoes, grab your sweetheart and have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

We’re going to dinner tonight … you know what that means? No cooking or dishes for moi. Woo Hoo!

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’

Just Breathe

Willie Nelson has always been a man whom I respect. I love his music … all of it.

Yes, there are a lot of other great contributors to the country music scene, but no one outshines Willie in my mind. He’s such a storyteller and, in many ways, a real messenger.

This morning as I was listening to Pandora radio, one of his songs came on that I’ve only heard a few times. I really listened to the lyrics this time.

Just breathe. Maybe that’s what we all need to do these days. Take a few minutes to just breathe.

Take good care of yourself and each other. Namaste’





Heirs Beware of Opportunists

It’s been a week tomorrow that my uncle passed on. I miss our phone calls so much because I always enjoyed talking with him on a myriad of subjects.

He lived alone in Arizona and as much as I tried to convince him to come here to Oregon, he just didn’t want to make the move. I understand that. So he had a caregiver who did things for him on occasion. He was still able to drive and do his own shopping, cooking, laundry, etc., so she really didn’t have to do much but pick things up for him once in a while.

Are you ready for this? They had an arrangement that he would email her every evening to let her know he was okay. If she didn’t get an email from him, she was supposed to call and then go over to his house if he didn’t answer. Last Wednesday she didn’t get an email from him so she called and there was no answer. But she didn’t go over to his house until the next morning. And that’s when she found him. He had passed in his sleep. It makes me wonder why she didn’t go over that evening. Maybe the answer is below …

It just so happens that she had a will drawn up for him stating that she would get his home and his car upon his passing. She is the executor of that will and is non-responsive to me at this point when I asked that she provide a copy for me. Apparently she took him to have it witnessed and notarized so it is perfectly legal.

My uncle never had any children so my two cousins and I are the only heirs to his estate. So we thought.

We are just blown away that this woman would take advantage of an 86 year old man, living alone, hard of hearing and probably irrational when this all took place. Occasionally his electrolytes would become unbalanced and it affected his cognitive abilities. I feel that she took full advantage of that.

Since she is the executor of his estate, I can’t even have his mail forwarded to me so that I can take of his lingering affairs like insurance, utility bills, etc. And it was like pulling teeth to even get a copy of his death certificate.

The reason I’m sharing this is to warn anyone who has a caregiver in a loved one’s life to beware of what could happen. I trusted this woman. Shame on me for doing so. I never thought she would turn out to be an opportunist and a thief.

I believe that what we give out is what we get back. Karma can come galloping up on a black horse at breakneck speed, especially for those who take advantage of others. No good can come from her ill-gotten gains.

Thanks for reading my rant. Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’