Day Seven of Seven


Day Seven of Seven Days of Black and White

For the last day of this project, I chose this image of Metal Man, aka Photog, aka my muse. I shot “Photog” in Tucson, where I found him standing there with his camera pointed. He’s a life-sized sculpture created from sheet metal. He and I spent many hours together. I talked; he listened. Ha! I photographed him from every angle possible, short of me lying on the hot concrete to get him from the bottom up.

I added the text to his lens because of the origin of the word IMAGINE …

mid-14c., “to form a mental image of,” from Old French imaginer “sculpt, carve, paint; decorate, embellish” (13c.), from Latin imaginari “to form a mental picture, picture to oneself, imagine” (also, in Late Latin imaginare “to form an image of, represent”), from imago “an image, a likeness,” from stem of imitari “to copy, imitate” (from PIE root *aim- “to copy”). Sense of “suppose, assume” is first recorded late 14c. Related: Imaginedimagining.

After all, isn’t that where any image comes from? The imagine-ation?

Be good to yourself and each other. Namaste’



Change of Plans

Well, well, well … it’s nice to be back into the blogosphere!  Seems like I’ve been gone a long time.  As for the change of plans, I’ve decided to forego the weekly photo challenge for this year.  Too much going on to commit to that.

Instead I’m going to post some of my all-time fav’s that you may or may not have ever seen.

And so … without further adieu … these two images are of a life-size sculpture here in Sisters. I decided to feature one of these at my gallery site.  Namaste’

01.2015HorseSigned 01.2015Horse1A

Regina (Reggie) Arnold is a “flunked retirement” entrepreneur, co-author of The Art & Science of Recruiting, an award-winning photographic artist, and photo blogger.

Iron Horse

When hubby’s twin sister was here visiting, we decided to go to Tubac AZ.  It’s a wonderful artist community where you can find original works of art of all genres and some really great restaurants, too. I love it there and if I was wealthy, I would buy something from every store 🙂  All of the shop owners and artists we met were so nice and helpful with information about their offerings.  If you’re ever in southern Arizona and want to spend a lovely day, Tubac is the place to go.  Just don’t do it in the summer; way too hot!

The photo is of a horse and his sidekick, complete with sombrero and guitar, that I spied along one of the streets.  This particular piece was priced at $3800. Sounds pricey but the work that went into this had to be huge.

I’ll be adding more photos from our visit there as time goes on.  Namaste’

The Door

Today’s photo is on our neighbor’s property.  What’s behind this door?  I really don’t know.  I’ve never looked, but we had to go over there this evening so I took some photos.  I really like this door. Namaste’

Photog is Back!

Just had to visit my old pal, Photog, again.  He stands out there in the sweltering heat and blistering sunshine, day after day, and yet remains unscathed.  How does he do it?  If I wasn’t married already to WS (wonderful spouse), I’d ask Photog to marry me.  After all he IS my muse.  And what cool guy do you know these days who wears a fedora and a bow tie?  As I drove away, I looked back and could swear I saw him blowing me a kiss.  Awwww …

Have a great weekend!  Namaste’

Over Her Shoulder

I’ve shot this sculpture before but when I saw the yellow flowers in full bloom I knew I had to just look over her shoulder and do it again.  The second photo is from the front of her.  Not much to look at in the background but it gives you a better perspective of the sculpture.  Namaste’

Our Four Asses

No, it’s not four Aces (but wouldn’t THAT be fun in Texas Hold ‘Em?)  It really is four asses.  Our metal asses to be precise.  I took this photo of a key rack that we keep by the back door.  Sure makes it handy to know where the keys are and the donkeys keep a good eye on them for us.

I’ve always loved donkeys.  I think they’re marvelous creatures and would like to have some for real one day.  Have you ever wondered why donkeys are called asses?  I follow a wonderful blog that is all about these hard-working creatures and I’ve learned so much.  Please visit Melody’s site when you have some time.  The Donkey Whisperer.  She is a wonderful human being.  Namaste’

I used a bounce flash with some fill-in light to bring out some of the details 
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