The Bug

No, it’s not the creepy crawly kind.  It’s a VW Beetle, or as it was always known back “then” – a Bug.

I saw this in the parking lot the other day of my local supermarket and just couldn’t resist snapping it with my phone.  Had some fun with post-processing.  Namaste’

Does it bring back any memories for you?

VW II_pe

If This Truck Could Talk

First of all, thanks SO MUCH to all of you who sent good wishes to hubby.  He is doing much, much better and we are so grateful.  No more taking anything for granted.  In fact, I even have a new app on my phone … Gratitude Journal … which gives me a prompt every day to write what I’m grateful for.  If I don’t get reminders about things, I’m so forgetful.  Maybe I could just post sticky notes on my forehead – LOL!

Today I sold one of my most popular images and I’m so pleased.  Someone from Australia purchased an art print of my  WHITE ON WHITE.

While looking for some photos today, I came across this one of an old Chevy truck that was parked in the tunnel at Alcatraz.  I took this some time ago but decided it would be fun to work on.  Oh, if this old truck could talk.  I wonder what it would say about some of the famous residents of Alcatraz, like Al Capone.  Hmmm.  Namaste’



Here’s a couple of pics I took a while back at a classic car show.  The first one is an old GMC delivery truck.  (Notice it only has one windshield wiper for the driver’s side).

The second one is a Ford coupe.  Don’t ask me what year they are.  I don’t have a clue.  I just had fun photographing them.  Enjoy!



Oldie or Not?

I couldn’t resist getting this shot today as I pulled into the parking lot of a store.  When I realized how many cars were actually in the parking lot, I decided to get the heck out of there, thinking about the long lines inside at the cash registers.  Did I mention that I absolutely despise Christmas shopping?

Anyway, below is the car.  I believe it’s a vintage Ford because it has our state’s classic license plate, reserved for cars manufactured at least 25 years ago.  I think this one qualifies.

Almost to the end of our 366 project.  Can’t wait to see how my fellow 366’ers finish up this year.  Namaste’


On the Back of a Car

Well, after yesterday’s post about being stressed out and no one to choke, I saw this while in traffic today.  What is it I always say at the end of my posts?

Look right above the license plate.  How fitting that I should see this today.  I guess if we pay attention, we get messages from our Divine Creator all the time.  Maybe I need to start paying closer attention.  Namaste’

Strange Reflection

There’s a bank downtown that has the oddest angle to the front of the building … it’s at least at 45 degrees as you can see by the car coming into the driveway … and it’s mirrored.  I wonder who has to wash these windows!  Sure glad it’s not me.  I got dizzy just taking this shot.  What do you think?  Namaste.

Puttin’ on the Ritz

I had lunch today with my favorite uncle and it was really nice to see him.  As we walked back to our cars, I spotted this Rolls Royce.  I don’t know what year it is, but it had the Arizona classic plates on it.  While photographing the hood ornament, I flashed back to the all of the 1920’s movies, and the music of Puttin’ on the Ritz.  Click to enlarge the photo.  Namaste’

Seven SUV’s and a Pick-Up

Today’s photo came upon me as I was walking back to my car.  I noticed I had parked in a long row of SUV’s and waaaaaaaaay down at the end was one lone pick-up truck.  Had to get a picture of that.  Does anybody have a passenger car anymore?  What do you have?

The second photo is of the storm we had last night, which produced NO RAIN at our house but as you can see in the distance, there was a wall of water dropping  northeast of us. Hope you are all staying cool.  Namaste.



I’m taking a slight detour today from the usual photo-a-day routine. I was cleaning out and moving some of my stored images and found these two. They are from the tour we took of the classic cars a few months ago.  There are a lot of collectors in southern Arizona because of the dry air here which contributes to the lack of rust.

I like cars. I always have. Maybe my brother’s love for them rubbed off on me.  When I was a kid he talked about cars a lot.  The first one we had that I remember him driving was a 1950 Plymouth.  It was just the three of us at the time … my mom, my brother and me.  It was given to us by my grandparents, when they bought a new 1956 Chevy Bel-Air.  Gosh, how can I remember all that when sometimes I can’t remember why I just walked into the next room?

I’ll always remember the good times we had around that old car.  Hope you enjoy these.  Click to enlarge. Namaste’

Hang It Up

I’ve been wanting to get this picture for a long time but it’s on a road with a lot of traffic and you know me … don’t want to get mowed down by an oncoming vehicle.  What fun would that be?  Besides, I wouldn’t be able to complete my 366 project.  So I waited on a side street until there was a very large gap in traffic, then pulled out, stopped long enough to get the photo through the passenger side window and sped off.  I felt like a thief in the night 🙂  Wow!  It was fun!

Whoever hung these bicycle parts on their fence must want the world to know that their bicycling days are over … or they’re paying homage to an old bike … or whatever else made them create this display.  Maybe they just felt like “hanging it up.”  Namaste’

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