God’s Bag

I’m really grateful for God’s Bag.  You know the one, right?  The one where you write down what’s bothering you and you’re frustrated because there’s nothing you can personally do to fix it.  So you deposit it into God’s Bag.  That way God can fix it.

(When I put something into God’s Bag, my prayer goes like this “I can’t; you can; I think I’ll let you.  And I thank you in advance for the perfect solution in your perfect timing.”  Then I surrender, and let the Big Guy take care of the mojo 🙂

If this sounds just way too simple, take heart, dear reader.  It is simple.  I didn’t say it was easy; just simple.  The hard part is that our human brain and E.G.O. (Etching God Out) have a very hard time letting go of the problem completely; getting out of God’s way.  And by the way, surrender does NOT mean weakness.

So what do you need to put into God’s Bag?  Or Box?  Or Can?  Or Envelope?  Use whatever you have handy.  God doesn’t care what the vessel looks like.  Why should you?  Namaste’




My Blog is Pro-God

With all the hoopla about the atheists having their own monument next to the 10 Commandments, I just wanted to say something.  I really don’t care that there are all kinds of religions, all kinds of people who believe in God or not, or all kinds of people who are neutral.  In my book, it’s all OK.

We are all created by the same Creator and my personal belief is that is God.  And I also believe God gave all of us free will.  And, well, that’s what has gotten us into trouble sometimes.  And then other times, we have chosen to do the right thing, help one another, forgive, and share what we have.

So, in the spirit of all that, if you don’t believe in God, then you probably won’t want to watch this video.  Namaste’

Love Lights

Today’s loss of life at Sandy Hook Elementary School … there are just no words that I can find to convey how heavy my spirit feels.  The only thing I can do is pray for the families who all have holes in their hearts now.  Somehow it doesn’t seem enough.

I took this photo last night of all the colored lights reflecting on our patio table in the rain.  Love lights from all of us to all of you who are now in the presence of God.  Namaste’


Duke, the Happy Dog

This is one very cool Golden Retriever.  His name is Duke and we met today at the local hardware store, which is dog-friendly (is that wonderful or what)?  As you can see by the photo, Duke is a definite tail-wagger.  There’s no way I could have gotten a shot of him without his tail in motion.  So sweet! And what a lover!  He smiled and wagged that tail the whole time he was in the store.  His owner was so nice to share him with us.  It was a great day.

If you or someone you know is thinking of giving a pet as a gift this holiday season, PLEASE, I beg you, take that person to a shelter and adopt. We’ve done it four times and will never regret rescuing God’s loving creations.  Namaste’


God’s Bag

Have you ever had to just turn something over to God?  I’ve done it many times in my life.  And today was another one of those times.  I really should do it more often.

WS found this bag the other day while cleaning out some of his files.  Neither of us remember where or when we got it.  I wasn’t going to use it as a blog post but decided I would because maybe some of my readers have had to do this from time to time.  I also have a metal can that has the letters SFGTD on it.  Stands for SOMETHING FOR GOD TO DO.  I’ve put my requests into that can for many years.  And when I do, I always say, “I can’t, You can, so I think I’ll let You.”  There are no accidents.  The bag showed up as a reminder.

What I have to remember most of the time is to NOT snatch it back once I put it in the can.  We humans have a tendency to do that, don’t we?  Well, now I have a bag as well as the can.  Maybe tomorrow’s post will be a picture of the can.  We’ll see.  Namaste’

Southwest Angel

Over the years many of my friends and loved ones have given me angels.  Maybe they think I need all I can get 🙂  Who knows?  But I’ve kept them all.  I mean, who would even think of getting rid of an angel, right?  I believe we all have a legion of angels, God’s emissaries, who surround us 24/7.  Sometimes I even remember to thank mine for always keeping me safe.  I really should do that more often.  There have been many times in my life that I KNOW FOR SURE I was assisted by the angelic realm.  Sometimes in the disguise of human beings.  One time in the body of a sweet, grandfatherly man but that’s a story for another time.  (I promise I’ll tell you later).

Since I plan to have this blog printed and bound into a book at the end of 2012, I thought it would be appropriate to include my angels.  Some are resting (packed away in storage) and some are sprinkled around my house and outside.  Today’s photo is my Southwest Angel, who suspends herself right outside my kitchen window.  Her wings flow with the breeze and she reminds me to be grateful every day.  She’s made of straw and burlap.  I added the red chili peppers.  I think she likes them.  Namaste’

Do you believe in angels?  Were you ever helped by an angel?  I’d love to hear about your experience with angels.