Anybody see anything unusual in this image?  When you find it, be sure to comment.  Namaste’


Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

28 thoughts on “Rocks”

  1. It looks like 2 little green eyes (or are they two little green marbles) – staring back admdidst the rocks. If i say where they are it may give it away and ruin the fun for others. . . 🙂


  2. I saw the eyes right away. Well, I did look closely for something different.

    Did you put lots of rocks on top of a black cat and make him stay still? LOL If that was the case then you are a master magician as well as a supurb photographer.


    1. The truth is … wait for it … the eyes were a digital addition. The rocks are part of a retaining wall in my back yard., There is a cat next door but he won’t venture into our yard with Foxy and Daisy on patrol. Thanks for your comment, Gigi. I enjoyed it.


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